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Missive #10 Published 23 December 2022

This is a great collection of stories about a soldier that anyone who has ever served in the military will readily recognize. A fun read — Recommended.

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Missive #9 Published 20 December 2022

This was a good read but is not the adventure book that Severin's earlier books were. It is as much a book about Wallace as it was about Severin's voyage.

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Missive #8 Published 18 December 2022

Yesterday morning was COLD. The forecast was for it to be 26° but we got another 21.7. This happened after we had completed half our usual walk but the longer I was out there the more painful my hands became. It was probably only 22-23 while we were doing the walk.

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Missive #7 Published 16 December 2022

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 16, 1934

Yesterday morning was COLD; the low was 21.7° with a feels like temperature of 14. That happened around 7:00; I had called a halt to our morning walk after doing half our usual distance. My hands and feet were very painful with the cold; was still below freezing at 10:00. It was much warmer this morning at 31.8° but the forecast for tomorrow is that it will be COLD again.

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Missive #6 Published 14 December 2022

This is a good read with a lot of Ukraine place names that are now in the News. Ostrosky was a Ukrainian but fought with the Red Army against the Poles and against Symon Petlyura (Symon Petliura), president of Ukrainian People's Republic during its failed war of independence.

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Missive #5 Published 11 December 2022

Is there a gasoline shortage? I don't find any News stories about there being any. However, when I went to the Love's Truck Stop here in Benson to get Desperado a fill up I found that they were out of regular and mid grade. That was bad News. The good News was that they were selling premium for the price of regular. That is the first time I have ever put premium in Desperado. I notice no difference it how it is running.

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Missive #4 Published 9 December 2022

Hudson has a one trick pony and he rides it hard in every chapter of this book. If you have read any of his earlier books you need not read this one.

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Missive #3 Published 6 December 2022

The VA appointments went well. The pressure in the right eye has gone down to a normal range so I can quite using the drops to treat that. All the other drops, except artificial tears, have also now been used for the time required. Met the surgeon that will be doing the left eye; he is one of the doctors that told me in years past that the cataracts were not ready for surgery yet. I was also give potential surgery dates, this will be finalized during my 21 December appointment. Surgery sometime in January 2023.

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Missive #2 Published 4 December 2022

We almost did the entire distance on our morning walk but were getting wet and Erik started shaking it off. The midday walk yesterday was canceled because of rain. So far the total rainfall reported has been 0.31" with a 70 % chance of more during today.

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