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Missive #33 Published 5 February 2023

I don't know why this (Leave a Comment / By Ed Frey / February 3, 2023) showed up on the Friday Post but it also now appears on every Post. If there have been Comments it shows how many but still says By Ed Frey when some of that number are not by me. I have submitted a 'Ticket' with Astra Support to fix it but have received nothing from them from far. I suspect that this is not a Bug but is a Feature that some programmer thought would be great.

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Missive #32 Published 3 February 2023

You need to read this entire article They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us?. I don't know if the author is writing it as spoof or it is for real. Whichever it might be I suspect there will be more like it to come soon.

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Missive #31 Published 2 February 2023

The author says there were more asset price bubbles between 1980 and 2000 than in any earlier period. Yet he devotes 80% of the book to prior periods. He also repeats what he has said many times which make the book at least a third longer than if he only said in one time. It would help you understand what he says if you were to have at least an undergraduate degree in economics. Therefore, be prepared to not understand all that he is saying.

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Missive #30 Published 31 January 2023

This is a very short book. It is also a very easy read, if you ignore the footnotes, and explains how and why the USA is in the economic mess that it is in now. The book was published in 2008 and all the government policies have been just what he predicted they would be and that we would be in this mess.

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Missive #29 Published 30 January 2023

I read Fooled by Randomness by Taleb in April 2021 and did not like it at all. This book is much better although it still rambles from time to time it is not as technical and he tells you when you can skip sections. The quotes should give you a good idea of what he says.

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Missive #28 Published 29 January 2023

I finally got out of RV City on Friday a little before noon. The roof coating work created a very dirty Desperado so I scheduled a wash and wax by the mobile crew that have done it the past couple of years.

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Missive #27 Published 27 January 2023

I am now starting my third day at RV City. The plan was that I would arrive on the 25 at 9:00 am and they would coat Desperado's roof that day and I would leave by 5:00 pm. So much for plans.

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Missive #26 Published 24 January 2023

This customer review says what I have to say about the book. I was seriously considering NOT reading the other two books in the series until I read this review. I'll now give The Divine Invasion a chance.

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Missive #25 Published 23 January 2023

I read all of Pepe's articles that I see on Strategic Culture but most or these were first published in Asia Times. Good articles that are recommended.

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Missive #24 Published 22 January 2023

Starting last Thursday morning the low temperatures here have been 24, 26, 21 & 22°. WE might see a low in the 30s tomorrow morning but there is a forecast for rain and more snow. Then we will probably get another three mornings like these past four.

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