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Missive #254

I had a dental cleaning appointment yesterday with the dentist in Naco, MX; however the dentist didn’t show up. I now go back tomorrow and try again. I was planning of going to do laundry and weekly shopping tomorrow so it is not an added trip just added time spent.

The winds on Friday and Saturday continued on Sunday and brought rain during Sunday night, Monday morning the off an on during Monday. This was the first time that there was a lot of standing water in the Campground, total of 0.61″ from the storm, so we were trading carefully yesterday morning and did not take our chances of getting wet later in the day. With the winds it has been cold with highs in the 50s and low 60s. That might change with tomorrow’s high forecast to be in the lower 70s but back to the 60s during the weekend with more winds.

With the weather being what is has been my walks have been disrupted. I think it was last Thursday morning I got out there before the winds picked up and put on Desperado’s new license plate. I say plate because AZ now only issues one plate for the rear of the vehicle. The personalized vanity plates that she has been wearing for years was replaced with a Historical plate which she merited by being 25 years old. For a front plate I bought one that has a picture of a dog and ERIK.

I made a start on another WordPress page that will include another trip with a slideshow. In the Archives I have four trips under the heading of Other Trips. These are the ones that I’m now creating as Pages in WordPress. Maybe get back to working on this during the weekend; I have the rescheduled dentist appointment tomorrow and then two VA appointments of Friday.

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