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Missive #166 Published 25 November 2023

Prolific septuagenarian poet, novelist and essayist Berry (Citizenship Papers, 2003, etc.) returns with another collection of essays, most published (or delivered as speeches) in 2004. The astonishing thing about these pieces is not their lucidity and grace, not their plain profundity, but the variety of his subjects, the dimensions of his knowledge, experience, interest, passion.

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Missive #164 Published 22 November 2023

This is the second book in the Viking trilogy which I have enjoyed. I think Severin writes better historical fiction than the nonfiction travel books that he wrote early in his career. He has a couple more fiction series that I will read when I finish this one.

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Missive #163 Published 20 November 2023

Jim Waring is a gunman who is tired of chasing fugitives and wants to settle down. Unfortunately, he has agreed to one final hunt to help avenge a friend. There are two separate story lines here, and the second involves Jim's estranged son Lorry Adams. Eventually, the two stories connect and the mysteries do unravel.

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Missive #161 Published 17 November 2023


I have not liked the first two books of this trilogy as well as the Nantucket series but will read the third book. Will then move on to some of the authors other series which I think are all alternate history which I enjoy.

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Missive #160 Published 16 November 2023

This is the first book in the Tale Of Krispos trilogy and book five in the The Videssos Cycle. I have read them out of chronological, as well as publication order, so have only a couple more books to read in this series. However, there are more Turtledove books to be read which is a good thing.

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Missive #159 Published 14 November 2023

This is the sequel to the authors Dopesick. I don't think is was quite as good but is a well done 'reporters' style book. She has a couple other books that I think are are not drug related that I'll read plus one more that is a continuation of the story of one person from Dopesick.

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Missive #157 Published 11 November 2023

I don't think they were 'agrarians', they may have been born in an agrarian culture but they were all academics and writers. In these essays they were anti-industrial and pro-individualist but wrote with an academic tone, for the most part, not as 'someone of the soil'.

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Missive #156 Published 10 November 2023


I was disappointed. I was expecting to find something about inflammatory diseases, psoriasis in particular, but there was nothing about inflammation in the book. It is a short book and has some good information that makes you think about what you are eating. You will find out what is good for you through trial and error.

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Missive #155 Published 8 November 2023

Kirkus focuses on the first essay in this collection which was good. There are also the three essays that I read before included which are also good; the others that are included are rather hit and miss. I started reading "I'll Take My Stand" before reading this book and have not finished it but have not been favorably impressed.

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Missive #154 Published 6 November 2023

If you have been paying attention to the News then you will not learn much from this book. It is not very long so it is a quick read with about one third of the pages devoted to End Notes. The author does provide a slant to the News that you don't get from the Mainstream Media. For that reason it is a suggested read.

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