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Missive #169 Published 1 December 2023


I have 'scheduled' this posting for today while I'll be driving to my next camp. That is something that I have learned how to do, I think, since using WordPress for a year now. There was a stop along the way for breakfast at Denny's and gas at Pilot in Eloy, AZ. The route was mostly on the Interstate; I have done most of it avoiding the Interstate but not this time. A total of 271 miles: AZ82, AZ90, I-10, I8, William St, Old US80 & Fresno St.

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Missive #161 Published 17 November 2023


I have not liked the first two books of this trilogy as well as the Nantucket series but will read the third book. Will then move on to some of the authors other series which I think are all alternate history which I enjoy.

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Missive #151 Published 3 November 2023

7. Nasruddin’s Donkey Crosses the Stream...

Only three essays in this small book that are available in his other books of collected essays. Only selected it to read because of its publication date.

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Missive #144 Published 20 October 2023


Nasruddin was going to town with his son. Nasruddin walked while his son rode their donkey.
Someone saw them and scoffed. “Lazy boy! Why must your father walk?”
So the son got off, and Nasruddin got on.
Farther down the road, someone else saw them and said, “Cruel father, making your son walk!”
So they both rode the donkey.

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Missive #137 Published 6 October 2023

3. Nasruddin's Donkey Is Missing
Nasruddin’s donkey was lost, but Nasruddin appeared to be happy, not sad. Instead of looking for his donkey, he sat drinking coffee in the coffeehouse.
Everyone was puzzled about this, knowing how much Nasruddin loved his donkey, and his donkey had now been missing for several days.

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Missive #130 Published 22 September 2023

1. Nasruddin Gallops Through the Market The town square was crowded for market day. Then, all of a sudden, Nasruddin came galloping through the square on his donkey. It looked like he was about to fall off...

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