17 May 2022
Wheel Inn RV Park
Fredonia, AZ

There is not much happening here other than I have been surrounded. I now have a neighbor on both sides of me. The spaces here are not very generous in width, making up for it in length. That makes for a crowded space.

The high yesterday was 89° and that is what is forecast for today through Thursday. Cooler on Friday then moving up into the 90s again next week.

I'll be inside reading the novel I have on Fire 8 or the nonfiction online most of the time. Braving the heat only when walking with the dog(s).
The Strategic Culture Foundation website has been blocked since soon after Russia ‘invaded’ Ukraine. I was finally able to reconnect yesterday and have quoted from a good article that The Establishment didn't want me to read. I don't know if the hyperlink will work for everyone on every browser but I have provided it. Read the article if you can.
Since 1945 and the implementation of the Bretton Woods agreement the world has been held hostage by a financial system that was designed to benefit a small minority in the capital class. Poor countries were to be kept poor and any real economic development was to be discouraged. It is a financial system that trades in human suffering and misery. It was the new face of empire, financial neo-colonialism. The vast resources of the American military were deployed around the world to ensure that no nation strayed from the plantation. Yet even the power of the military cannot be expected to quell the anti-Western momentum that is happening now. To quote Napoleon, “there is something more powerful than all the armies in the World, that is an idea whose time has come”. That time has come. Which country will be the first to completely repudiate its foreign debt and start again with an honest financial system, we don't know. What we do know [is] that it will base its new system on one demonstrated so capably by the Chinese, based on growth and development. Any one country alone making such a move can expect to incur the full wrath of the Empire, yet a number of like-minded countries working in concert will have strength in numbers. All indicators suggest this is now happening.

Once just regarded as third world problems, chronic food and energy shortages together with unmanageable inflation are coming to the West. Scenes recently witnessed in Sri Lanka may soon be repeated on the streets of Europe and America. Hard times are coming for all in the short term, yet a world freed from the clutches of the Empire promises a brighter future for all mankind. ~ Third World Problems, Coming Your Way, Eamon McKinney