2 July 2022
Wheel Inn RV Park
Fredonia, AZ

Today was a shopping day because Honey's Marketplace is closed on Sunday which would have been my usual day to go to town. Unfortunately Saturday is the day that they stock shelves but I was lucky and got almost everything I wanted on my short list. It was also not crowded so the congestion in the aisles was not that bad,

Just a couple blocks away was a convenience store/gas station that also sold propane. I stopped and got Desperado's tank filled at a price that surprised me. I thought propane had increased in price much like gasoline but I paid less than what I did in Sierra Vista when I last filled up.

Breakfast was the same thing but I had to send it back because the kitchen put cheese on the omelet. The waitress knew right away what was wrong when I pointed at it when she set the plate in front of me. Habits are difficult to overcome; if you always put cheese on the omelets it is then work to not put it on.