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Missive #255


Nasruddin went on a long journey to visit a friend who now lived in a distant city.

As they sat up on the roof of his friend’s house enjoying the coolness of the night air, Nasruddin stared up at the stars in amazement. “Oooh!” said Nasruddin. “Ahhh!”

Then he looked at his friend and said, “How do you think they did that?”

“How did who do what?” asked Nasruddin’s friend, baffled by Nasruddin’s reaction.

“The sky painters!” Nasruddin replied. “How were they able to make such a perfect copy here of the sky that I see each night at home?”

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

My dental appointment for a cleaning and exam went as I expected. While I was in Wellton I had two pain incidents with my lower front teeth which I have known for years would have to come out. The dentist here said it was time; there is infection around the root which was causing the pain. Therefor I’m back to see him again next Tuesday for extraction, back again after about five days for a temporary dental bridge then back again in about 6 months for the permanent bridge. There is a molar that is also infected that will have to come out; it is not doing me any good since there is no opposing molar that helps me chew. The good news about all this is the cost will be significantly less than what I would have to pay any United States dentist.

So while things likely don’t actually happen in threes, embracing the superstition can still help you channel Zen vibes while you expect the worst…and feel relief once you believe the series of unfortunate events is “over.” My Rule of Three events began with the toilet bowel seal. Then last week the Wave 6 heater failed to start (I’m shipping it off for repairs today. Last, and I hope the last, was when I got back from the dentist yesterday Desperado’s water pump was not pumping (I have a mobile repair guy coming on Monday).

I went to Sierra Vista today for two appointments at the VA clinic. The first was a blood draw for my annual health check up. The second was with the Clinics optometrist to check on my cataract and retina surgeries. I’ll go back in about ten days to meet with my VA ‘doctor’ for the annual check up which usually is just a pleasant chat.

Paul Craig Roberts is a dissident when it comes to describing the current status of things in the United States. I agree with his positions far more than what the mainstream media wants me to believe.

All across America and its empire everything is failing. Schools and universities are propaganda centers against white Americans, the military is a disunited tower of babel, massively expensive weapons systems are problem-plagued, the social and economic infrastructure is disintegrating, health care has been turned into a profit machine–at the public’s expense–for Big Pharma. Both water and food are polluted. Government bureaucracies have taken control over children away from parents. Economic opportunity is shrinking. Integrity cannot be found. People who insist on truth in place of propaganda are persecuted. — A New Russia Has Emerged by Paul Craig Roberts

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