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Missive #260


Nasruddin was walking home late one night when he stopped at a well to drink some water.

As he stared down into the well, he saw the moon.

“Hang on, Moon!” he shouted. “I’ll rescue you!”

He lowered the bucket into the well but, as he tried to maneuver the bucket into just the right spot so the moon could climb in, he stumbled on the hem of his robe and fell over backwards.

He then saw the moon up in the sky.

“I did it!” he exclaimed happily. “You need to be careful you don’t fall down again, Moon!”

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

So all in all, the Western powers present a picture of increasingly impotent rage. Meanwhile, the world majority continues to side raucously in demonstrations or silently for peace and development. So today we want to discuss both the international and domestic dimensions of the increasingly divergent strategies represented by these two parts of the world, the NATO- and U.S.-led West on the one hand, and the world majority, which now includes, one would imagine, the overwhelming majority of the ordinary people of the Western world, who do not wish to pursue this militaristic and war-like line. They would rather have a policy which is more in line with what China, Russia, and other world majority countries are pursuing in favor of development.

So we are looking at two very stark alternatives. The first represents destruction, both economic and military. And the second represents, again, development, both, in this case, economic and military, at least in the sense of providing for defense against the increasing aggression of Western powers. So I think you wanted to start our discussion off by discussing a couple of instances of economic self-harm that we are seeing in Western countries and those countries that seek to ally with them. — Global Insecurity by Michael Hudson

★Whenever you’re feeling stupid, remember that tens of millions of people stayed in their homes for two years and wore surgical masks because the TV told them to.

★Liberals are only liberal with other people’s money. They’re stingy with their own.

★It’s a very woke idea to take a black woman off a pancake syrup bottle and put a fake white woman on a beer can…

Here’s a thought… send your teenagers to Mexico when they graduate high school, and tell them to cross back into the USA on their own two feet, having destroyed their identity documents. They’ll be given a smartphone, a ticket to the destination of their choice, and a pretty significant amount of money, plus free health care and low-cost education. It may not be fair to those who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, but your family budget will look a whole lot healthier! — Beating minimum Wages By Outsourcing by Peter Grant

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