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Missive #99 Published 21 July 2023

The only news I have is that it is HOT. We have been over 100°F every day since 15 July which was the hottest one at 106.5 and it has been over 100 15 days out of the 21 in July. This is not right; I came to this higher elevation for a cooler summer than last year. I was in Fredonia, AZ last summer, at 4,671 feet, and thought it was hot there so moved up to 6,360 feet. Alas, Fredonia has been over 100 only 10 days this July although their highest temperature was 110.3°F on 16 July.

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Missive #96 Published 14 July 2023

This book is 1049 pages in its printed hardbound format. It would probably only be a third of that if all the quoted material were removed; there are over 3,380 footnotes to cite the sources. A massive amount of data but light on an explanation about what it all means. I'll probably read Volume 2, but not soon, and hope that it is not as data heavy.

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Missive #93 Published 7 July 2023

We have been here for a month now and settled into a routine. Reading, two walks each day and one breakfast a week at Ella's. As I write this it sure seems to be a dull way to live but Erik and I both like a routine. I don't know if I have got him into one or if he has imposed his on me.

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Missive #91 Published 30 June 2023

Nothing much happening here. I went to Reserve again yesterday and had breakfast at Ella's again. Then did some shopping at Jake's and back to the Park.
I am doing the month end house cleaning while trying to stay cool. We have had HOT days here, not as hot as much of the country but it has been hot for here. Since 20 June the high temperatures have been 90°F and above with it reaching 98 on the 26th. Not much chance of it cooling down much during the next 10 days if the forecast is correct. Maybe when the monsoon rolls in?

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Missive #89 Published 23 June 2023

This is the second book in the Nantucket trilogy. Much like Turtledoves mixture of sci-fi and alternate history; a very good read.

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Missive #87 Published 16 June 2023

The book does not measure up to the promo. It is not a bad book but he doesn’t say anything that hasn’t been said many times during the past few years. I don’t recommend it.

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Missive #84 Published 9 June 2023

I went to Reserve again yesterday morning and had breakfast at Ella's. I then planned on looking around at Jake's General Merchandise but it was closed at 8:00 which the sign on the door claimed to be the time they opened. I'll try them again next week after I go to the Post Office that opens at 8:30.

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Missive #81 Published 2 June 2023

Yesterday was a travel day again. It was over a route that I have driven a number of times before with just a slight detour. That was in Safford, AZ where I stopped for breakfast at Jerry’s and then went a couple blocks to Safeway. The drive was 202 miles on this route: US191, I-10/US191 (21 miles), US191, US70, US70/US191, US191, AZ78, NM78, US180 & NM12.

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Missive #78 Published 26 May 2023

The author received high marks from The New York Times but did not score as well with goodreads.com reviewers. There were some that thought it was great and some that thought she didn’t write the all encompassing business book that she should. The book is about ‘people’ and how globalization has destroyed their lives. It is also about John Bassett III and his family but that was about people as well. I liked the book and recommend it.

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Missive #75 Published 19 May 2023

I went to the VA Audiology Clinic on Wednesday to get my replacement hearing aids. I had my doubts that there would be much improvement but have been proved wrong. They are much better; I have been hearing things that were making a noise before that I didn't hear. With only limited conversation I think hearing and understanding human speech is also improved although still not great.

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