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Missive #84

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: June 9, 1935

I went to Reserve again yesterday morning and had breakfast at Ella’s. I then planned on looking around at Jake’s General Merchandise but it was closed at 8:00 which the sign on the door claimed to be the time they opened. I’ll try them again next week after I go to the Post Office that opens at 8:30.

I’m making good progress on the Bulgaria Page project. With any kind of dedicated work on it I should have it finished next week. It has cut into my reading time and I’m now into a book that I want to finish so that project will get sidelined for a few days. When it is done I’ll probably convert some more of my Archived pages from the Old Website to WordPress pages; but not all of them. The daily Peregrinating posting are a completely different kettle of fish; I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do with them.

Other societies, other ages of history, had subjective opinions about what’s true or false, right or wrong.  We and we alone supposedly know the truth about everything that matters, and if we don’t happen to know it yet, nobody else could have known it either.  That’s the heart of modernity.  That’s the conviction that keeps people nowadays from making use of any of the hard-won lessons of past civilizations, or even learning from our own civilization’s catastrophic mistakes.  It’s a fond, false, foolish belief, it’s hardwired into the foundations of contemporary thought—and Latour and Josephson-Storm have shown, from two different angles, that it can’t be justified except by the most absurd sorts of special pleading and circular logic. — The Myth of Modernity by John Michael Greer

Humans are herd animals. Once they settle on a path, change is beyond the mind of most humans. A self-actuated human can break free but the rest will plod, stupid and complacent, like robots. Each step is another step on a path that was laid out long ago. There will be times when someone says “this is stupid, lets see if we find a new way”… but it won’t resonate. Humans unthinkingly continue doing stupid shit until you bury them in box lots. — Motorcycle Hunt: When You’re In A Hole Stop Digging: Part 1 by Adaptive Curmudgeon

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