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Missive #93

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: July 7, 1935

We have been here for a month now and settled into a routine. Reading, two walks each day and one breakfast a week at Ella’s. As I write this it sure seems to be a dull way to live but Erik and I both like a routine. I don’t know if I have got him into one or if he has imposed his on me.

The reading is progressing slowly. The Story of Civilization Volume I is about two thirds finished and I have a second book on my Fire 10 that I have almost finished. I switch to it when I need a break from The Story. Then there is also my daily blogs that need to be read plus whatever web surfing I might do.

The walking has been restricted to twice a day because of hot afternoons but the noon walks have also become hot. For the month of June we did 125 miles and 5,782 feet of ascent with an average heart rate of 92 bpm. From what I have read that is going to make me immortal. HA

To break up the routine somewhat I’m going to go someplace other than Ella’s for breakfast next Monday. Every other place is going to be a drive but I need to do that just for something else to break the routine.

My at home breakfasts have been almost the same as they have been for the past few years. I have gone from hulled barley and oat groats to hulled barley or oat groats and millet. That combination is good but I’ll go back to old mix when the millet is gone. I also have changed the frozen fruit to reconstituted dried blueberries and tart cherries. I did that not knowing if I could get and frozen fruit here at this camp. I like the dried fruit and will probably continue with it even when I’m back were frozen is available. My ‘linners’ are much the same although I have been adding more garlic and started to add rosemary as a seasoning; it is claimed to be an anti-inflammatory which I’m always looking to add to my diet.

If you put 100 black ants and 100 red ants in a jar, nothing will happen. But if you shake the jar hard, the ants will start killing each other.
The red ants will consider the black ants their enemies, and the black ants will consider the red ants their enemies. The real enemy is the one who shakes the jar.
The same thing happens in human society. So before we attack each other, we should think about who is shaking the jar!

I haven’t selected a quote from the good article America Has Just Destroyed A Great Empire by Michael Hudson. Only providing a link and suggest it as a read.

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    1. Two of the three usual walking routes are on dirt roads that lead to some trophy ranch property or to a trail head. We have also walked some of the forest service ATV trails. Erik and I see herds of elk every few days during our morning walks. There are also lots of rabbits and squirrels to brighten his day; but he does not react like Patches did.

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