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Will Rogers

Missive #72 Published 12 May 2023

This book uses a lot more geography than just the 'bootheel' of New Mexico for the story setting. It covers an area from Reserve, New Mexico in the north to near Durango, Mexico is the south. From east to west; all the border crossings from Palomas, Chihuahua to Naco, Sonora, Mexico. What made it very enjoyable for me was the mention of the many places in that overall area where I have been. The story line is very similar to the first book in the Border Trilogy. There is also considerable character conversation in Spanish so be prepared to do translations if you do not speak the language. There is also more philosophical musing in this second book that there was in the first; that made it a more difficult read for me.

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Missive #69 Published 5 May 2023

This is another good sailing-based thriller by Cornwell; retitled in the United States as Killer’s Wake. The only character in this book that was also in the first one was the policeman. I'm going to consider these books to be a series and will show this as being the second one in the series of five books.

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Missive #66 Published 28 April 2023

This is a good book that provides a lot of background that explains the opioid epidemic in the United States. There was a eight episodes TV series based on the book that was shown in 2021 which probably got more attention than the book since people in the United States get most of the information/entertainment from TV rather than books. Recommended! I plan on reading more of Macy books.

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Missive #63 Published 21 April 2023

If you have been keeping up with the economic News as presented by the MainStream Media there is little to be gained by reading this book. The author has VERY liberally quoted from many of those same sources that you have been reading. The author is very much against central banks but generally follows Western government narrative. Seems to think crypos are going to become the new 'money'.

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Missive #60 Published 14 April 2023

This is probably the best book by Dos Passos that I have read so far. The stories of those whose lives impinged on Jefferson's were stories that you never heard when studying history in school. Reccommended!

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Missive #57 Published 7 April 2023

The most sweeping account of how neoliberalism came to dominate American politics for nearly a half century before crashing against the forces of Trumpism on the right and a new progressivism on the left.

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Missive #55 Published 31 March 2023

This is not a historical fiction novel which Cornwell is known for. The first of five sailing thrillers that I enjoyed. Probably will not be more. Cornwell had this to say "I enjoyed writing the thrillers, but suspect I am happier writing historical novels. I’m always delighted when people want more of the sailing books, but I’m not planning on writing any more, at least not now — but who knows? perhaps when I retire."

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Missive #52 Published 24 March 2023

This is a much different book than were the Flashman books. This is pure history not historical fiction. It is a good companion read to Albion’s Seed by David Hackett Fischer.

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Missive #50 Published 17 March 2023

This is the third book in the Time of Troubles Series and book five in The Videssos Cycle. As always Turtledove write a good story. A recommended book and series of books.

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Missive #47 Published 10 March 2023

This could just as easily have been a dystopian novel placed in 2100. It is the first of the three alternate history novels of the Nantucket series. I plan on reading the other two in the trilogy plus more of S. M. Stirling's books

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