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Missive #250

“A seemingly rushed and arguably lazy book filled with interesting ideas about a dystopian future. Huxley moved to hollywood and wrote quite a few scripts at one point in his career, this novel seems less a novel but a way of him getting something published that the studios wouldn’t touch…” — Customer review @ goodreads.com

The customer review that I have selected to express my views of the book gave it a rating of two stars. I think that is generous, perhaps one star would have been more than enough. Most of Huxley’s essays are good but his fiction is not in my opinion. There are a few more of his novels that I will read just to see if he changes his writing later in life but I’m doubtful.

It didn’t freeze this morning with the low at 33°F but it felt like it was freezing. Very heavy humidity and then heavy fog in Sulphur Springs Valley. Coming back from Bisbee I could look over the top of the cloud that covered a good part of the Valley and still see the mountains to the east. A very unique picture that I couldn’t take.

We had more rain yesterday afternoon bringing the total for the day up to 0.16″. When doing our morning walk yesterday it looked like there was a light dusting of snow on the Mule Mountains. This morning I could see the Huachuca Mountains from Safeway and they got a good cover of snow from the storm. Today is forecast to be warmed with the high temperature in the 60s but tomorrow morning to still be in the 30s. That will continue for the next 10 days with some winds again during the weekend. The ocotillo have leafed out but the mesquite are not showing any signs that Spring is near. It seems to me that it is later this year with the climate change not bringing warmer temperatures until later in the calendar year.

Today was shopping day again with a stop at Mornings Cafe in Warren when on the way. I had a short shopping list so everything was done and I was back in the Campground by 9:00 am.

I gave up eating cheese a few years ago not knowing this. Most cheese in the United States is made from a genetically modified rennet? Also, many European cheeses imported to America, while from countries where GMOs are limited, are GMO-sourced. If you are trying to avoid GMO foods look for cheeses that list animal or microbial rennet, especially if additional labeling clarifies the sustainability of the sourcing. Organic provides some assurance that that both the milk and the rennet being used are non-GM and sustainable in their origins.

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