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Missive #249

“From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Silent Girls comes another unforgettable thriller set in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, featuring Detective Sonja Test.

Even in a quiet Vermont town, unspeakable acts of the past can destroy the peace of the present.

The customer reviews gave this a lower rating that I would with a lot of them doing it because they said it was not as good as The Silent Girls. I’ll be reading that next with anticipation because I thought this was an excellent mystery book. In the remote, pastoral hamlet of Canaan, Vermont, a high-profile legal case shatters the town’s sense of peace and community. Anger simmers. Fear and prejudice awaken. Old friends turn on each other. Violence threatens.

So when a young teenage girl is savagely murdered while babysitting at the house of the lead attorney in the case, Detective Sonja Test believes the girl’s murder and the divisive case must be linked.

However, as the young detective digs deeper into her first murder case, she discovers sordid acts hidden for decades, and learns that behind the town’s idyllic façade of pristine snow lurks a capacity in some for great darkness and the betrayal of innocents. And Sonja Test, a mother of two, will do anything to protect the innocent.” — Book promo @ goodreads.com

Nothing much going on here just more winter weather. We got a little more rain yesterday bringing the total for the day up to 0.08″. The afternoon winds did come but were not as strong as the previous couple of days. A lot of cloud cover this morning with the low below 40 which felt even colder. The forecast is for it to be freezing tomorrow morning maybe more rain today with a high temperature to remain in the 50s. The snowbirds have to be hating it.

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