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March 2023

Missive #45 Published 5 March 2023

America, Islam, and Those Prison Photos, or
Maybe Our Side Isn't as Clueless as I'd Thought
By John Ross

Copyright 2004 by John Ross. Electronic reproduction of this article freely permitted provided it is reproduced in its entirety with attribution given.

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Missive #44 Published 3 March 2023

I now have both of my new prescription glasses. I got the bifocals about 10 days ago and have had the reading glasses for a few days. They are going to take a little longer for me to become adjusted to them. The reading glasses are great with one big exception; when I look up to see what is happening outside - the vision is very poor. I need to pull the glasses off. The bifocals with lines have been easier to adjust to since I have worn progressive bifocal glasses for years.

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Missive #43 Published 1 March 2023

An Interesting book for an overview of Adam's life that avoids the usual biography format. It also pointed me to the three other books that I have listed below. A good read.

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