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March 2023

Missive #55 Published 31 March 2023

This is not a historical fiction novel which Cornwell is known for. The first of five sailing thrillers that I enjoyed. Probably will not be more. Cornwell had this to say "I enjoyed writing the thrillers, but suspect I am happier writing historical novels. I’m always delighted when people want more of the sailing books, but I’m not planning on writing any more, at least not now — but who knows? perhaps when I retire."

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Missive #54 Published 28 March 2023

I couldn't find a book promo for this book and the very few customer reviews were nothing that I wanted to copy. So I will simply say that there are twelve essays that have been compiled as a book. From some of them I have extracted quotes that are show below.

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Missive #53 Published 26 March 2023

I have the same feelings as those expressed by John Ross in his posting that I have copied and shown below. I didn't have the courage to put Patches down that he did with his dog Molly. However, he buried Molly whereas I had Patches cremated. Her ashes will be scattered around the area where she first ran free off leash when I turned her loose not knowing if she would come back to me or not. She deserves that,  she was the best dog I've ever had. 

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Missive #52 Published 24 March 2023

This is a much different book than were the Flashman books. This is pure history not historical fiction. It is a good companion read to Albion’s Seed by David Hackett Fischer.

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Missive #50 Published 17 March 2023

This is the third book in the Time of Troubles Series and book five in The Videssos Cycle. As always Turtledove write a good story. A recommended book and series of books.

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Missive #49 Published 14 March 2023

This is the last in the Grail Quest tetralogy. I'm going to miss reading more about Thomas of Hookton. But there are many more Cornwell novels awaiting to be read. A great historical fiction writer.

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Missive #48 Published 12 March 2023

In this Guest Column Bill Whittle says "We may or may not have prevented more attacks on the United States. We may or may not have generated a greater short-term threat from terror. I personally think that recent history has shown that resolute action, that taking the offensive, has been a great deterrent to terror, and that the operation in Iraq will do much more in that regard. I could be wrong. History will tell us, soon enough." I think what he has written has proved to be wrong and that he was 'played' but I doubt that he would admit it.

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Missive #47 Published 10 March 2023

This could just as easily have been a dystopian novel placed in 2100. It is the first of the three alternate history novels of the Nantucket series. I plan on reading the other two in the trilogy plus more of S. M. Stirling's books

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Missive #46 Published 7 March 2023

Europe was in the throes of World War II, and when America joined the fighting, Ernie Pyle went along. Long before television beamed daily images of combat into our living rooms, Pyle’s on-the-spot reporting gave the American public a firsthand view of what war was like for the boys on the front. Pyle followed the soldiers into the trenches, battlefields, field hospitals, and beleaguered cities of Europe. What he witnessed he described with a clarity, sympathy, and grit that gave the public back home an immediate sense of the foot soldier’s experience.

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