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missive #44

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: March 3, 1935

Not much happening here. The mornings continue to be below freezing part of the time and the wind is now blowing most of the time. The only questions about the winds from now through April will be from what direction will they blow and how hard.

Yesterday I took Erik out for his midnight pee break there were a couple inches of snow on the ground and it was snowing lightly. Slept in and when we went out at 7:00 there was 4-5″ of snow on the ground but only a few flakes in the air. Unhooked and went shopping and when I come out of Safeway it was snowing again. It stopped while I was at the vet getting more pain pills for Patches but started again when I went up the hill to Love’s Truck Stop for gas. There was big truck chaos there with more trucks trying to find a place to park than there were places for them. People here do not know how to deal with rain and snow since they see so little of it.

I now have both of my new prescription glasses. I got the bifocals about 10 days ago and have had the reading glasses for a few days. They are going to take a little longer for me to become adjusted to them. The reading glasses are great with one big exception; when I look up to see what is happening outside – the vision is very poor. I need to pull the glasses off. The bifocals with lines have been easier to adjust to since I have worn progressive bifocal glasses for years.

Erik is a smart dog but so smart that he is willful and does what he wants to do. A good example: His bed is a foam pad about 40x20x1″ that is very easy to slide around on the floor. He has decided that when I have the Wave 6 working that he will slide that pad in front of the heat source rather than lie on the floor.

Caitlin has put up a good posting again. She gets in a rut from time to time but then will break out of it and write a good post; this is one of those breakouts.

They claim ownership over the entire planet while pretending that they do not seek confrontation with the nations they try to subjugate, and interpret any refusal to be subjugated as an unprovoked act of aggression. This is taking our world in a very dangerous direction, and we need to do something to stop it. — US Ambassador To China: “We’re The Leader” Of The Indo-Pacific

Interesting trivia. This is from a Tweet posting that was posted with the intent to show how old president Biden is. He is just a few months older than myself so this all applies to me as well. HA

One of Queen Victoria’s children was still alive when Joe Biden was born.
So was Orville Wright.
Martin Luther King Jr. was 13.
Elvis was seven.

2 thoughts on “missive #44”

  1. Erik sounds like he is too smart. Hope that doesn’t happen in the middle of the night and then causing a fire or burning him. You are right about drivers in rain and snow out there, but it seems to be a nationwide problem. Idiots everywhere.

    1. I never have the Wave 6 working during the night. During the day if I am going to be out of Desperado for more than a few minutes it is also shut off. He has been very good about keeping his bed and himself a proper distance from the heater. Smart dog!

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