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Missive #266

The third novel [and last] in a World War I alternate history series [Black Chamber] where America’s greatest weapon against Germany is Black Chamber secret agent Luz O’Malley and technical genius Ciara Whelan. Only they can protect America’s best hope of winning the war.

The Great War is at a stalemate, and the only thing stopping Germany from striking America is the threat of the United States using their own Annihilation Gas against them. But America’s supply is quickly decaying and the Central Powers know it.

A plant is under construction in the remote highlands of Mexico so that America can make their own supply. President Teddy Roosevelt assigns crack agent Luz O’Malley and her technical genius Ciara Whelan to watch over the plant operating under cover identities.

But German agent Horst von Duckler has escaped from the POW camp in El Paso, and he’s heading in the same direction–bent on revenge against Luz, and sabotage that will deprive America of its deterrent and kill tens of thousands. — Book promo @ goodreads.com

I’m not so sure that passing the ‘bill’ has unintended consequences. I think Congress and the Biden administration know very well what the consequences will be and want them to happen.

I suspect there may be some serious unintended consequences for the global banking system if the bill [The REPO Act, which would authorize Biden to confiscate the frozen Russian assets in U.S. banks and transfer them to a special fund for Ukraine, is part of the foreign aid package that was stalled for months in the House.] actually becomes a law and is translated into action. Because how can anyone possibly trust their financial assets to a banking system so easily suborned to a government’s whims? — The Empires Economic Death Spiral by Theodore Robert Beale aka Vox Day

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