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Missive #235

This impressionistic biography of America’s founding fathers expands the membership of this iconic group to include the painters, architects, explorers, and writers whose work marked a “golden age” in history. It functions as cultural biography as well as personal—hagiography intended to inspire an intellectual renaissance in postwar America.

This is a good book but if you have read The ‘Men Who Made the Nation’ it is probably not necessary that you read this one. The author wrote ‘The Men Who Made the Nation’ for the Mainstream of America Series and then wrote this one so his publisher could garner some additional sales.Newsweek likens his imagistic biography to the “bleached, unshadowed, unretouched, unromanticized authenticity of Matthew Brady’s great Civil War photographs.” Based on Prospects of a Golden Age and other works celebrating individual liberty, Time likens Dos Passos to the late Justice Louis D. Brandeis, “champion of the individual, implacable foe of organized Bigness.” In The Saturday Review of Literature, Edgar Ansel Mowrer says, “If John Dos Passos ever founds a political party he can count on me as a charter member. I do not share his enthusiasm for the sociological approach to situations but I do share his respect for facts and for freedom.”” — Book promo @ goodreads.com

This past Sunday I spent more time than I planned of trying to clean up my Google Drive account. The ‘Recent’ folder shows files from many years ago. However, when I removed some of them I also sent to ‘Trash’ some files that I didn’t want to. So I spent as much time correcting that error as I did getting rid of some of the ‘Recent’. Apparently the ‘Recent” folder shows every file that I have ever opened and keeps it there forever unless I go in and individually remove it. The ‘Trash’ folder is just as bad but it allowed me to empty the folder in one fell swoop. I’ll gave up after that!

I also spent more time than I should have getting the Bookmarks that I have using in the Brave browser on my laptop to be the same in the Brave browser on my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I tried 3-4 different ways to transfer the Bookmarks and failed every time. Finally got the sync to work correctly and just like magic there they were. Now whenever I add or delete a Bookmark on either device that Bookmark is changed of the other device. Why I didn’t do this a long time ago. I have no excuse.

Tom Luongo makes a good case for Trump to select Tulsi Gabbard as his VP running mate. The one thing that he did not point out directly is Gabbard will protect him from assassination after they are sworn in. Gabbard is hated by the Establishment almost as much as they hate trump. Read the article The Supreme Court Resets the Game for Trump’s Vice-President to see the case that he he makes.

2 thoughts on “Missive #235”

  1. I too find cloud storage confusing. What exactly is a “backup?” I prefer to just copy a big folder from my laptop to a flash drive.

    I agree that Tulsi would be a good choice for Trump’s vice-president. She used to be a Democrat and might bring some young Democrat voters over to Trump.

    1. I have never attempted to use the Google Drive ‘backup’ so have no experience with it.
      Tulsi was not much of a Democrat, she agreed with far too many of the same policies that Trump claimed he wanted to do but never did or was blocked from doing.

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