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Missive #234

Based on real events of 400 years past [The Steel Bonnets read 24 March 2023], this is a vivid depiction of the terror and brutality of life on the Anglo-Scottish Border. To the young Lady Margaret Dacre, raised in the rich security of Queen Elizabeth’s court, the Scottish Border is a land of blood and violence,This is a historical novel that has been written in the same style as The Steel Bonnets which was history. If the author did not tell you that it was a novel you would think it was history unless you knew better. where her inheritance lay at the mercy of the outlaws and feuding tribes of England’s last frontier. Beyond the law’s protection, alone but for her servants and an elderly priest, Lady Margaret must somehow find the means to fight the terror approaching from the northern night. — Book promo @ goodreads.com

I had a busy day yesterday. It started with a drive to Benson where I had breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe again after almost a year has past. Then took Erik to the vet for his annual vaccinations. We then drove back through Sierra Vista where I stopped at the groomer to make an appointment for Erik to get a bath; they were close. That took care of those things involving Erik.

Then it was on to my UPS Store where I picked up the mail that they were holding for me; mostly ads. I also had to sign more paperwork to keep the PMB. The government wants to make it a difficult as possible to keep people from using PMBs. They want everyone to be in a sticks and bricks with a street address where they can find you and there is a door that they can kick in. A PMB does not give them that. The Safeway was next door so I did my weekly shopping while I was there.

The last stop as I was getting out of town was at the DMV. Desperado needs to have licence plates renewed in April which I could do online. However, I wanted to get her some antique plates so did a face-to-face with a clerk to see what I needed to do.

This past weekend I had my first exposure to the trap, skeet and sporting clay shotgun shooting that is available here at the Campground. The range is probably 400 yards south of where I am parked. You can clearly hear the shooting here as well as from half a mile away which I was able to do while on my midday walk yesterday. On Saturday I walked over to the range just to see it and was very surprised to see four deer grazing along the edge of the range. The shooter that were there said that when they were shooting the deer might raise their heads from time to time but then go right back to grazing.

There are people that could not tolerate the shooting and I’m sure that keeps some campers away. But it is most likely a trade off since the Campground gets those RVers that want to do some shotgun shooting. It does not bother me at all, with or without my hearing aids.

The many stops yesterday were mostly successful; I say mostly. Erik did great at the vet this year, got all his shots without a muzzle and didn’t try to bite. The attempt to get an appointment for his wash didn’t wash (pun intended), the shop was closed on Mondays. The DMV stop went as well as could be expected it took me about an hour with the vast amount of time spent waiting for a clerk there were two working and I had 6-7 people in front of me. The grocery gathering and haircut went well.

Then we come to the UPS Store and the USPS Form 1583. The form is specifically design to exclude anyone that does not have a ‘permanent’ stick-n-bricks address. It can only be completed by someone that has such an address or finds some way to skirt around the intent of the USPS regulations. I may have to give up my UPS PMB and not receive mail although that is going to play hob with banking, insurance and with the VA. I really don’t know what I’m going to do at this time.

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