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Missive #232

“First published in 1940, James Still’s masterful novel has become a classic. It is the story, seen through the eyes of a boy, of three years in the life of his family and their kin. He sees his parents pulled I liked this book and would like to read some more of the author’s other books but can not find a free source. He does write using dialect in his dialogues but it is understandable; at least by me. There are some words that he uses that can not be found using internet search but the meaning is clear when read in context. A good read. between the meager farm with its sense of independence and the mining camp with its uncertain promise of material prosperity. In his world privation, violence, and death are part of everyday life, accepted and endured. Yet it is a world of dignity, love, and humor, of natural beauty which Still evokes in sharp, poetic images. No writer has caught more effectively the vividness of mountain speech or shown more honestly the trials and joys of mountain life.”

President Biden revealed to reporters on Wednesday, 28 February 2024, that he is making an unannounced trip to Walter Reed Hospital for a physical exam. I’m now betting that he will announce that he is stepping down as president because of health reasons and for the good of the country. The questions in my mind are 1) Does he grant Hunter a blanket pardon before he goes? 2) Who does Kamala select as her Vice President? I think this will be the ‘tell’ for what the 2024 presidential election is going to be like.

A comment about Sofia’s in Gila Bend; go there. I had breakfast there yesterday. The exterior and interior is not impressive and I think they do as much take out business as seated because there is limited seating. I ordered a ‘custom’ meal i.e. not from the menu. When I asked for a tamale, Huevos al la Mexicana, potatoes, flour tortillas and coffee the waitress didn’t bat an eye and only asked “how many eggs?” I told her two but I think the cook gave me three. It was expensive but not unexpected since it was a special request.

My space here at Double Adobe Campground is probably 2-3 times what I had in Wellton. The other good thing is I will not have any neighbors on the south side because I’m at the end of the row. Probably will not have a north side neighbor either because there are a lot of empty spaces with the Park being maybe half or two thirds full. A lot of snowbird license plates so there may be some leaving when it starts to get hot. Have only done two walks so I’m not sure yet how I’m going to like the available routes. All in all, so far so good and the Park rules can probably be printed on a 3×5 card. HA

3 thoughts on “Missive #232”

  1. According to all the major news sources Biden has been declared fit for duty, it’s still early though. Your new place sounds really nice,I hope you and Erik enjoy a nice problem free stay there, Mary

    1. The major news sources are simply repeating what the White House doctor said. I don’t trust that doctor to give a professional opinion on the presidents health any more than I believe what anyone in the government says. He may be ‘fit for duty’ but he is not fit to be president, everyone can see that. Did you see the You To video where he met with Prime Minister Meloni? In the video he is stumbling through what he wanted to say and you can see her almost cringe. Thanks for keeping up with me!

      1. one news channel showed
        Biden trying to leave the stage as he said
        “I want my nap”.
        It’s not just his inability to be a president, it’s who is actually running things that is a reason for concern

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