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Missive #231


Nasruddin had a bad-tempered goose that was always hissing and trying to bite him, so he took the goose to the market to sell.

As he handed the goose to the goose-broker, Nasruddin warned him, “This is a badly-behaved goose. Be careful!”

“Don’t worry,” the broker said. “I’ll get you a good price.”

The broker then began yelling, “Buy the best goose here! A fine goose! Good-natured goose! Buy the best goose here!”

Nasruddin snatched his goose back from the broker.

“I’m not selling this goose at any price!” he exclaimed. “I never knew what a good goose I had.”

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

I have ‘Scheduled’ this posting for today while I’m driving to my next camp. If what I have written here needs to be edited due to changes along the way I’ll do that tomorrow. The drive was 321 miles with a breakfast stop at Sofia’s in Gila Bend. Then a stop to fill Desperado’s gas tank in Eloy. I also had to do a very slight detour for a stop at RV City to get my propane tank filled; I should have done that in Wellton during my last shopping trip. The route: Old US80/Los Angeles Ave, William St, I-8, Pima St (in Gilla Bend), I-8, I-10, AZ90, AZ82, AZ80, Davis Rd, Frontier Rd & Double Adobe Rd.

[W]e are recording this show on the last day of what may well be remembered as a historic BRICS summit, defying no end of gleeful predictions in the Western press about the BRICS’ irrelevance, disunity, mendaciousness, authoritarianism, and whatnot.

The five major countries that today constitute the BRICS, despite their relative poverty, constitute a larger proportion of the world economy, measured by PPPs, that is to say purchasing power parity.

And they have been able to come together and do some amazing things. — High Finance & Investment Colonialism by Michael Hudson

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