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Missive #173


Nasruddin’s donkey was missing. “Have you seen my donkey?” he asked everyone, but no one had seen the donkey.

Nasruddin was about to give up, when one of the village children said, “I know what happened to your donkey. My uncle says the new police chief is a real donkey. So he must be your donkey!”

“That’s impossible, boy,” Nasruddin replied. “My donkey is smart enough as donkeys go, but he’s not capable of taking bribes, and he wouldn’t know how to frame people for crimes they didn’t commit. And that means he’s not qualified to be chief of police!”

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

As I began to explore the West, I was struck by the power and persistence of shop-worn stereotypes and iconic imagery of the region. It wasn’t the West I knew. From personal experience, I suspected there were more archaeologists than cowboys at work. In the spring of 1988, I purchased a medium-format Bronica camera and began taking photos of the West from a different perspective. My inaugural project took me to the canyons of the Parajito Plateau in Bandelier National Monument, northern New Mexico.

This is the first book shown in the site tab ‘My Work’. I have been reading Courtney White’s essays that can be found in the tab ‘My Story’ and have now started reading his books; both of those tabs are found on his website. This one and the next on the the ‘Work’ tab are more pictorial books versus a narrative although this one did have some written explanations. I’ll read some more of what he has written and see how it goes. Most of what he has written has been as an environmentalist with only one recent novel. After 40 years of ‘saving the world’ he said enough is enough and started writing fiction.

“The Biden administration is openly threatening Americans over Ukraine. In a classified briefing in the House yesterday, defense secretary Lloyd Austin informed members that if they don’t appropriate more money for Zelensky, “we’ll send your uncles, cousins and sons to fight Russia.” Pay the oligarchs or we’ll kill your kids.” — @ Tucker Carlson

“The events since October 7th, I think that’s the death rattle of the Western empire of the United States as the single greatest political and economic and military power in the world. That to me is the final nail in the coffin, because we can’t go back to the world the way it was before October 6th.” — Jon Jeter speaking to Sputnik’s The Critical Hour

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