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Missive #172

A brutal and dark study of a possible scenario of the Fall of the American Empire, using federal statistics and mainstream media articles as well as growing trends for these predictions. This book was published almost 30 years ago with the author predicting what was going to happen over the next 10 to 40 years. A lot of what he thought was going to happen has come to pass. An interesting read although I think the race wars will be driven by ‘elites’ hiring racial groups to do their fighting for them. Time will tell. Written by an author who possesses experience in many wars, although a racist both imagined and real, this study tries to be as objective as it can be – aside from being written by a white nationalist author. Although some parts are missing from his analysis, it is still a very good one. Highly recommended for those who would deny the possibility of the American Collapse and a Second Civil War. Customer review @ goodreads.com

This is what he predicts will come; some of it has.

[T]his phase is characterized by significant and increasing violence by both the imperial security forces and the resistance. During this phase, the anti-establishment violence is typically carried out by individuals and small groups of part-time radicals with little support from the increasingly disaffected but still mainly complacent majority. This current Terrorist Phase of Civil War II is characterized by:
1: The acceleration of Foundational Phase trends such as tribalization, imperial conversion, and the conversion of America into a third-world nation.
2: Increasingly frequent tribal riots, some featuring multiple day extension, barricades, and heavy weapons.
3: Increasing formation of ethnic militias, armed cults and gangs.
4: Increasing talk of secession and a second civil war by both the establishment, and antiestablishment groups and individuals.
5: Increasing commonness of terrorist bombings, sabotage and other acts of violence against the government.
6: A steady rise of tribal violence as individuals and small groups increasingly attack persons of other ethnic groups.
7: Small scale ethnic cleansing as merchants, homeowners and others are driven out of areas in which they are not the race of a majority of the inhabitants.
8: The demographic and political Reconquista of our southwest. Mexican politicians will call for the return of “their” Southwest. Massive Mexican immigration into the southwest and white flight out of it will transform the southwest into a de facto province of Mexico. The establishment will surrender much sovereignty of the southwest by treaties, affirmative action, acquiescence to dual citizenship, bilingualism and other devices.
9: The first food riots in cities as government attempts to shut off welfare. The cities and suburbs will begin to divide into ethnic enclaves with walls, gates and guards. Riots will menace the Congress and the White House in Washington D.C.
10: The fragmenting and politicizing of the military. Covert and overt racial factions will become common. Our military will come to resemble the old Soviet military as affirmative action officers politicize it by purging conservative whites and promoting minorities and radical whites. The military’s racial composition will shift to mostly minority, especially that portion of the military that conducts ground operations — the Army and Marines because these two branches are vital to actually controlling America. The military will increase operations that give it experience in operating governments, such as the operations in Haiti, Bosnia, and Somalia, Such operations will desensitize the military to the eventual military takeover of the United States of America — the true, ultimate and only real point of all these takeovers of foreign countries.
11: The splitting of many of American groups and institutions along ethnic lines, perhaps even political parties.
12: The abandonment of some areas of our cities by the police to gangs and other armed, non-government groups. White police will be purged from urban forces, and the first firefights will occur between police of different ethnic groups.
13: Gangs beginning to assume political goals and becoming a serious threat to the police in numbers and small arms. Politicians will begin to bid for their military backing. Gangs will begin to take on the characteristics of armies by wearing uniforms, assuming military ranks, standardizing weapons and even acquiring military-style medium and heavy weapons. Gangs will begin to infiltrate military, police and government. The use of armored vehicles and helicopters in anti-gang assaults will no longer be rare, and first use of heavy weapons against gangs will occur in this phase.
14: The first cracks appearing in the loyalty of the white working class to the establishment as imperial conversion and third-world conversion become too obvious to deny.
15: The first armored vehicle being destroyed by the resistance or gangs. A child will be photographed scrounging for food in a garbage dump on American soil.

America’s difficulty with the Hispanics in the southwest is similar to Britain’s difficulty with the Irish in Northern Ireland. It is instructive to note that America and Britain are the countries in danger of losing their territory, not Mexico or Ireland. Consider this seeming paradox of two major military powers (both of them with nuclear capability!) in danger of losing territory to smaller poorer, weaker, non-nuclear neighbors. This muscle-bound impotence of America and Britain highlights the inherent weakness of countries that have large internal minorities and a land border with the country of origin of those minorities.  The historic remedies for this malady – if they can be thought of as remedies – are assimilation, ethnic cleansing, institution of a police state…or surrender of territory. As for assimilation, the Scots were assimilated into the United Kingdom (read English Empire). The lesson here is that entire groups can be assimilated easier than half a group. With our conquest of Northern Mexico, we foolishly tried to conquer half a people, but the fires of Mexican nationalism burned on in free southern Mexico. They burn still.

I have not quoted from Larry Johnson’s Speech to a Seminar on Multipolarity in Moscow, Russia. I’m just providing a link to it and strongly suggest that you read it. It is a short speech but I think he ‘told it like it is’.

I have been doing reduced distance walks for the past couple of weeks because of the ‘jumpers knee’ pains that I was having in my left knee. It is better but I still have some pain. Not enough that has kept me from extending our twice a day walk distances by about 50% since being here at this new camp.

Those two walks have been round trips to Del Sol, the grocery store, and The Hive, my first restaurant breakfast stop. The Hive was not great and does not open until 8:00 so I’ll be searching for other restaurants for my weekly breakfasts away from home.

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