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Missive #49

Go with God and Fight Like the Devil. A fascinating hero and the pursuit of a sword with mythical power – this is the remarkable new novel by Britain’s master storyteller, which culminates at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356.

Thomas of Hookton, a veteran of Crecy and many other battles, is the leader of a mercenary company of bowmen and men-at-arms who ravage the countryside east of Gascony.

This is the last in the Grail Quest tetralogy. I’m going to miss reading more about Thomas of Hookton. But there are many more Cornwell novels awaiting to be read. A great historical fiction writer. Edward, Prince of Wales, later to be known as the Black Prince, is assembling an army to fight the French once more but before Thomas can join, he must fulfill an urgent task.

La Malice, a sword of mythical power guaranteeing victory to its owner, is thought to be concealed somewhere near Poitiers. With signs that a battle between the English and the French is looming others are seeking the treasure too, and some — French, Scots and even English — are pursuing their private agendas against Thomas.

But all — Thomas of Hookton, his enemies and friends and the fate of La Malice — become swept up in the extraordinary confrontation that follows, as the large French army faces the heavily outnumbered English in battle.

More evidence of how the Russia sanctions are impacting the people in Russia.

These revealing photographs [shown in the article] show shop shelves in a provincial Russian city groaning under piles of fresh food.

As British supermarkets ration eggs and an array of fruit and vegetables amid shortages provoked in large part by the Ukraine war, no such hardships afflict Vladimir Putin’s citizens.

The pictures were taken at a food hall, two superstores and a corner shop in Perm, a city with a population the size of Birmingham in the Ural mountains, a 24-hour drive from Moscow. The images suggest the West’s much-vaunted sanctions on Russia, imposed to punish President Putin for his invasion, are not having a deep bite. — Are sanctions REALLY wrecking life in Russia? As British supermarkets ration eggs and vegetables… by Sue Reid

This quote is the closing paragraph in a good article that you will not find in any MainStream Media.

Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi — the three aging horsemen of the progressive apocalypse — are the last stand of the American left.  They represent the outdated hegemony of the liberal North, and with it the racial vestiges of a long-forgotten war.  Regional racism persists, but the mounting power and wealth of the South and West eventually will make it seem irrelevant.  Long ago, citizens of the South and West decided to put the past behind them and assimilate to the national culture, even after a civil war that killed 850,000 Americans and devastated the South.  Biden isn’t doing the nation any good by attempting to exclude them.  America can succeed only if Americans are united and work together. — Regional Racism and the Democrats Who Love it by Jeffery Folks

Remember Superman’s iconic saying? “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

The Superman character emerged in a time of innocence in the United States when there was a genuine belief that the “American Way” was understood as a commitment to truth, equal justice under the law and fighting for the little guy. Boy, were we naive.

We are now living in an age where lies are presented as “truth” and anyone who dares to speak out against those lies is accused of being either a racist or transphobic or pro-Putin. In short, a conspiracy theorist. I started thinking about this in depth in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s revelations this week about the so-called January 6th Insurrection. Before Carlson showed the actual video footage from the Capitol, the world, not just the American public, were presented with a skillfully crafted flood of propaganda that portrayed Trump supporters as violent racists who wantonly killed Capitol Hill police. That is a lie. Not a single police officer of any kind was killed by Trump supporters on January 6. Not one. Yet high ranking U.S. Government officials, such as the despicable Attorney General, Merrick Garland, continue to repeat that falsehood and no one in the mainstream media is rebutting his mendacity. — Rending America’s Fabric of Lies — is it Possible? by Larry Johnson

Finally some truth about the real state of the Ukrainian military is sneaking into main stream media. … It is over for the Ukraine. The Russian forces are enveloping Ukrainian units in several small cauldrons. Bakhmut is only one of them. South of it is the New York agglomeration which will become another one. Anviivka, further south, is also in big trouble and may even become the first of the three to fall. — Ukraine — Media Start To Acknowledge Reality by Moon of Alabama

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