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Missive #7

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 16, 1934

Yesterday morning was COLD; the low was 21.7° with a feels like temperature of 14. That happened around 7:00; I had called a halt to our morning walk after doing half our usual distance. My hands and feet were very painful with the cold; was still below freezing at 10:00. It was much warmer this morning at 31.8° but the forecast for tomorrow is that it will be COLD again.

I went to town this morning for breakfast at the Horseshoe then did laundry and picked up groceries. There will be holding tanks dumped and water added later today. That is all I’m planning on doing this weekend and early next week. Probably stay close to the Wave 6 and read the book that I have on the Fire 8 plus one that I’m reading online.

But the numbers are in and it turns out the world is head-over-heels in love with Proxy War’s unique combination of reality TV, inspirational storytelling, mind-crushing internet censorship, and high-octane war propaganda. Naysayers may complain that they are tired of having their intelligence insulted, but as far as John and Jane Q Public are concerned, it can’t get insulted enough.

Yes sir, western culture may be a stagnant cesspool of plastic performers, empire smut and corporate rimjobs, but boy howdy we can still spin a good yarn when we need to. Stay tuned for Season Two! Will Zelensky finally get a guest spot on Saturday Night Live? Will leading lady Olena Zelenska release that new fashion line? Will rumors prove true of a Muppet movie in Kyiv? Stay tuned and find out soon, right after this short commercial break. — The Season Finale Of The Hit Show ‘Proxy War’, Caitlin Johnson

“Satan finds mischief for idle hands, and there are few hands idler than those of military authority outside the firing line.” — The Complete McAuslan by George MacDonald Fraser

This is a good description of what goes on in the Pentagon Puzzle Palace. All at the taxpayers expense using borrowed money.

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