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Missive #6

We got more rain on Monday and during the night into Tuesday. We did a morning walk but the midday walk was rained out and the afternoon walk was canceled because of threatening rain and very cold wind. The low temperature for the day (33.8°) came around noon. The high on Monday was 54.5° on Monday, then 51.1 on Tuesday with the low this morning at 24.6. NOT Chamber of Commerce weather.

There was a blanket of snow on the Whetstone and Dragoon Mountains from that last storm. It was interesting to see that the snow didn’t want to cross I-10. The mountains north of that dividing line received just a dusting or none at all.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary for Erik an me. He has come a long way from what he was but still not very well trained. After his class in Sierra Vista I stopped at Sunny D’s for breakfast on the way back to Benson. I had a Secret Santa pay my bill there. I was VERY surprised! That is all I’ll do for today with nothing planned through the weekend. Just try to stay warm.

A classic novel arising from the Soviet Union in the thirties, How the Steel Was Tempered is a fictionalized account of author Nikolai Ostrovsky’s experiences in fighting for the Bolsheviks during the Civil War and his difficulty in overcoming crippling This is a good read with a lot of Ukraine place names that are now in the News. Ostrosky was a Ukrainian but fought with the Red Army against the Poles and against Symon Petlyura (Symon Petliura), president of Ukrainian People’s Republic during its failed war of independence.injuries after the war ended. Centering on a young man named Pavel Korchagin, How the Steel Was Tempered follows his journey from ill-mannered malcontent through to disciplined soldier of the revolution, in the process coming to epitomize the ideal of the New Man.

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