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John Ross

Missive #48 Published 12 March 2023

In this Guest Column Bill Whittle says "We may or may not have prevented more attacks on the United States. We may or may not have generated a greater short-term threat from terror. I personally think that recent history has shown that resolute action, that taking the offensive, has been a great deterrent to terror, and that the operation in Iraq will do much more in that regard. I could be wrong. History will tell us, soon enough." I think what he has written has proved to be wrong and that he was 'played' but I doubt that he would admit it.

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Missive #45 Published 5 March 2023

America, Islam, and Those Prison Photos, or
Maybe Our Side Isn't as Clueless as I'd Thought
By John Ross

Copyright 2004 by John Ross. Electronic reproduction of this article freely permitted provided it is reproduced in its entirety with attribution given.

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Missive #42 Published 26 February 2023

The Three-Body Problem is a science fiction novel written by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin. The title refers to the three-body problem in orbital mechanics. I liked this book enough that I'll continue to read the series and hope that they are as good.It is the first novel of the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy, but the whole series is often referred to as Three-Body.

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Missive #39 Published 19 February 2023

I had a lot of trouble formatting the posting, shown below, by John Ross. I wanted to make it look as much as possible like what he had posted. To just copy and paste into WordPress does not work because there is formatting in the original article that does not work in WordPress.

What is forced me to do is learn how to apply 'padding' around the text in the Block Paragraphs and also how to create a Group Block and then apply 'padding' to it. A learning experience that took a lot of time.

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Missive #36 Published 12 February 2023

I have the last, I hope, post op appointment with the cataract surgeon on Tuesday. Maybe get a new prescription for glasses, I need reading glasses now for sure and think I'll get regular bifocals for my distance glasses. My distance vision is very good now so that part of the bifocal may be almost nothing but glass.

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Missive #33 Published 5 February 2023

I don't know why this (Leave a Comment / By Ed Frey / February 3, 2023) showed up on the Friday Post but it also now appears on every Post. If there have been Comments it shows how many but still says By Ed Frey when some of that number are not by me. I have submitted a 'Ticket' with Astra Support to fix it but have received nothing from them from far. I suspect that this is not a Bug but is a Feature that some programmer thought would be great.

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Missive #28 Published 29 January 2023

I finally got out of RV City on Friday a little before noon. The roof coating work created a very dirty Desperado so I scheduled a wash and wax by the mobile crew that have done it the past couple of years.

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Missive #24 Published 22 January 2023

Starting last Thursday morning the low temperatures here have been 24, 26, 21 & 22°. WE might see a low in the 30s tomorrow morning but there is a forecast for rain and more snow. Then we will probably get another three mornings like these past four.

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Missive #20 Published 15 January 2023

Patches is climbing the stairs better these past few days. I have also added a third walk for her. The same .3-.4 miles that she has been doing twice a day for the past few weeks. She is more her 'normal' self in the morning, that is to say she is pulling on the leash rather than me dragging her along behind us. She still doesn't do her morning dance when I get up but she is more active in the morning than before she started taking the pain pills. A happier dog.

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