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John Ross

Missive #79 Published 28 May 2023

My efforts to find some way to transition WordPress Pages other than the tried a true button and link method have concluded. I did find a plugin that did what I wanted somewhat but it also killed my Responsive Menu. It also was just lipstick on a pig; it took just as long for the page being moved to open as when using the link method.

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Missive #76 Published 21 May 2023

I have also started another project, or more like an experiment, on how to include images/pictures in my WordPress site. I have no problem with one or two images it is when I want to group three or more together that it becomes a problem. Even a bigger problem if they are a mixture of portrait and landscape. You can see that in my old website pages; same issue in WordPress.

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Missive #73 Published 14 May 2023

Herman Melville's classic novel Moby-Dick immortalized the idea of a mammoth sperm whale roaming the seas, wreaking havoc on all that crossed its path. But could such a creature actually exist, then or now? To find out, the acclaimed adventure writer and explorer Tim Severin set off to the islands of the South Pacific in search of one of our most iconic modern myths.This is a good read but not as adventurous as Severin's earlier books.

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Missive #70 Published 7 May 2023

The Conquerors is a difficult book. The book deals with a very specific time in history — in the chaos of pre-civil war China, just after the death of Sun Yat-sen, and just after the Shameen Incident of June 23, 1925, during the Canton-Hong Kong strike. If all of that is familiar to you, then most, if not all, of the difficulty involved in reading this book will disappear. — Edited customer review

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Missive #67 Published 30 April 2023

I have all my month end household chores completed including the holding tank dumps and adding water. So after staying in Benson much longer than I wanted to I left this morning for a new camp. The only reason that I stayed in Benson was to reduce the distance that I had to drive getting to my VA appointments for the retina surgery followups and for the cataract surgeries. With any luck I'll not need to go to VA in Tucson again anytime soon and have no plans to stay in Benson again. If I'm not lucky then I may stay in Benson again but it will not be at the Red Barn RV Park. The reason for leaving a day early was I lost electric power at the pedestal yesterday afternoon around 4:30. I'll write more about this in my next posting.

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Missive #64 Published 23 April 2023

Floor planning is a form of retailer financing for large ticket items displayed on showroom floors or lots. Specialty lenders, traditional banks, and finance arms of manufacturers provide the short-term loans to retailers to purchase items and they are then repaid as the items are sold.

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Missive #61 Published 16 April 2023

How does an Airman First Class, third enlisted rank in the US Air Force that is typically promoted to Airman First Class after ten months as an Airman, gain access to Top Secret Documents? This smells like a setup to me.

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Missive #58 Published 9 April 2023

This is the first of his books in The Border Trilogy. It has a lot of Spanish narrative which it is worth you time to translate. Some of it is Border Spanish slang but the translation is better than nothing if you do not read Spanish. I don't know who wrote the Book Promo but I didn't find there to be much comic adventure; tragic perhaps, comic I think not.

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Missive #56 Published 2 April 2023

I would classify this book as being a historical parody. It is one of about an half dozen of Kunstler's books that were out of print. This one has been brought back to life maybe I can find the others. It is a fun read!

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Missive #53 Published 26 March 2023

I have the same feelings as those expressed by John Ross in his posting that I have copied and shown below. I didn't have the courage to put Patches down that he did with his dog Molly. However, he buried Molly whereas I had Patches cremated. Her ashes will be scattered around the area where she first ran free off leash when I turned her loose not knowing if she would come back to me or not. She deserves that,  she was the best dog I've ever had. 

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