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Missive #294


Over time, Nasruddin had become famous for his wisdom and learning. As a result people came from near and far to ask him questions.

“I have a question, Nasruddin!” one visitor said. “Why is it that people choose to follow so many different paths in life instead of following the one true path?”

“It’s actually for the good of the world that everyone follows their own path,” Nasruddin replied. “Just imagine: if everyone followed the same path and ended up at the same destination, the world would lose its balance, tip over, and we would all plunge into the abyss.”

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

I went to Reserve on Wednesday expecting to have Desperado tuned up, oil changed and wipers installed. That was what the appointment made on Saturday included. The garage did not have the parts so I now have an appointment for that to be done next Thursday.

I did have breakfast while in town and picked up some groceries. However, I did not get any non dairy yogurt. The guy that I talked to a week ago Wednesday could not find any non daily plain which I said I ‘preferred’, but would take flavored non dairy, so he did not order any. He said he found vanilla non daily so I told him to order it and I would be back next Thursday.

I have been doing a lot of projects of late and ignored the other slide show that I had started. On Tuesday I finally got back to it and finished The Superstitions page on WordPress. However, after I finished it I saw that I had the order of the pictures all screwed up and the more I messed with it the worse it got. Threw in the towel and threw the slide show away. I’ll rebuild it sometime later this week.

One of my other projects was to remove the preinstalled apps from my Fire 8. I would like to uninstall them but can not do that with the model that I have; but I can disable them and they then disappear from my Home screen. To do this I have installed Android Debug Bridge (adb) which is a command-line tool that lets me type commands on the Linux Terminal. Those adb commands are sent to the Fire 8 via a cable and disable the preinstalled app that I have targeted. I have been failing for the past week, off and on, trying to uninstall and have finally accepted the fact that I can only disable. Having recognized that fact I have now disabled a few and have ONLY 27 more that are potential targets. HA 

There have been a lot of conflicting stories about the attack on the carrier Eisenhower but there is one certainty. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has now maneuvered from launching strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen to anchoring off Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, which points out that the Yemenis, with their arsenal of anti-ship ballistic missiles, have sent American carriers worth billions of dollars fleeing to safer waters, retreating towards the northern Red Sea out of fear of Yemeni attacks.

The blatant retreat of Eisenhower has put the United States in an extremely embarrassing position after attempting to cover up the Yemeni attacks on the carrier through silence. Many activists have sparked a wide debate regarding Eisenhower’s status following the attacks, leading Captain Chaudhary Hill to release a video to calm public opinion. However, the video showing a fighter jet taking off from the carrier turned out to be an old clip from March, reinforcing suspicions that Eisenhower might have sustained significant damage from the Yemeni attacks.

I, and many other observers, have long predicted that it would be the sinking of a US aircraft carrier that would definitively mark the end of US global military supremacy. However, I’d always assumed it would probably be a Chinese hypersonic missile, or possibly a Russian hypersonic missile, that would provide the historical coup de grace.

But the fact that it might be a lowly desert people taking down the mighty symbol of one of the most powerful empires to ever dominate the planet would be both fitting and ironic. There is too much disinformation and misinformation to confirm the rumors yet, but the longer the USS Eisenhower stays dark, the more it looks as if the USA has passed its Syracuse Moment. — The End Of Carrier Diplomacy by Vox Day

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