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Missive #291

The Swords of the Horseclans is the second novel in the Horseclans Series by Robert Adams, published in 1975. The book is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the story of a group of survivors who form a clan and use swords to defend themselves against other groups. The novel is part of the series, which explores themes of survival, community, and the struggle for power in a harsh new world.

The seeds of failure are sown by the blooming flowers of success. The current generation of clowns have literally never encountered a problem that could not be solved by throwing money at it. All of their theoretical and practical knowledge points to the same solution: more money.

This is why the rise of the BRICSIA alternative to the USD, the CRIPS alternative to SWIFT, and the Belt and Road alternative to the IMF loansharks are potential death blows to Clown World. They have, in three fell swoops, essentially disarmed Clown World by taking its only weapon out of the equation.

I strongly suspect the fine hand of Wang Hunin* in this long-term strategic approach. — Magical Thinking And The Impotence Of Mammon by Vox Day

*The author of America Against America which I read and said, “This book may be widely read by high level Chinese political figures and bureaucrats but it is American political figures that need to be reading it. Tocqueville wrote about America after his visit in the 1830 and is frequently quoted but Wang Huning has not been. It is sad that he has not. He had more to say about America in the 1980s and what its future might be than what Tocqueville said. I recommend this book!”

You will not find this News reported by the Main Stream Media. The reasons for that are the consequences are going to be rather bad for the United States and its vassals.

In June 2024, Saudi Arabia is expected to announce that it will cease all oil sales in US dollars, marking the end of the 50-year Petrodollar Pact signed on June 6, 1974, which expires on June 9, 2024.
The decision not to renew this pact stems from Saudi Arabia’s recent invitation to BRICS and its move towards dedollarization.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has informed the Saudi government that the country will no longer accept US dollars for oil transactions.
This shift includes considerations to accept other currencies, such as the Chinese yuan, for oil sales, as reported by the Wall Street Journal on March 15, 2022.

We got a little damp yesterday during our mid day walk. There was not enough rain to completely wet the ground but there was more than enough to have Erik trying to shake it off and I would have tried also if I thought it would have done any good.

That is all the news that I have except that I wasted a lot of time trying to get Android Studio Emulator installed on my Linux laptop. If I had been able to do it I could have then run Android apps on the laptop; apps such as Polar Flow that I continue to have problems getting to sync with the Polar Pacer watch on the Boox Page. But I have problems doing that with the Fire 8 also so it is probably just as well that I don’t try to run the app on my laptop.

The quote is from Following The Equator A Journey Around The World by Mark Twain originally published in 1897. What he said then about the education of Indian youth is just as true today in the United States and the ‘West’.

It turned out to be the work of a Hindoo youth, the holder of a humble clerical billet in a railway office. He had been educated in one of the numerous colleges of India. Upon inquiry I was told that the country was full of young fellows of his like. They had been educated away up to the snow-summits of learning—and the market for all this elaborate cultivation was minutely out of proportion to the vastness of the product. This market consisted of some thousands of small clerical posts under the government—the supply of material for it was multitudinous. If this youth with the flowing style and the blossoming English was occupying a small railway clerkship, it meant that there were hundreds and hundreds as capable as he, or he would be in a high place; and it certainly meant that there were thousands whose education and capacity had fallen a little short, and that they would have to go without places. Apparently, then, the colleges of India were doing what our high schools have long been doing—richly over-supplying the market for highly-educated service; and thereby doing a damage to the scholar, and through him to the country.

3 thoughts on “Missive #291”

  1. Unless they steal the election of Trump as president
    again the U.S. won’t
    need to deal with
    other nations for oil,we will drill for and use our own.Your thoughts on this are?-Mary t

    1. The United States has kept its oil production up with fracking oil shale. But from what I know that oil is for export because the refineries in this country are not set up to refine it.
      So, we need to import the ‘sweet’ crude that can be refined into gasoline; that we still need from traditional suppliers (which we are pissing off). The other downside to fracking is it pumps the wells dry much faster than the older wells, is more expensive to ‘harvest’ and uses LOTS of water.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the news about Saudi Arabia changing its method of selling oil. I hadn’t run across that headline for some reason.

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