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Missive #286


As Nasruddin was walking home one day, he decided to take the long way through a rose garden instead of the usual road. The roses were all in bloom, and the scent was heavenly.

But as Nasruddin strolled through the garden, he slipped in the mud and crashed into some rose bushes. He was badly bruised and bleeding from where the thorns had scratched him, plus he was covered with mud.

Even so, Nasruddin was not distressed. “If misfortune can befall me in this lovely rose garden,” he thought, “just imagine the disasters that awaited me on the open road!”

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

I have been busy these past few days trying to learn how to use my new Onyx Boox Page, get the updates on my laptop to update, do the month end household chores and get an online order delivered. That last item was shipped in error to Sierra Vista and there is not enough time for the reshipment to reach me here so I had to get the vendor to send it to my next camp. I think it is now on its way but I won’t know until next week.

I have been reading some of the novel that I downloaded on the Boox Page but spending most of my reading time on the Kobo. Trying to finish a book that I probably should have given up on but I don’t do that very often; usually just plod through to the end. I have also been able to pair the Polar Flow app on Boox with my Polar Pacer watch and sync the data to Polar Flow then from there to Strava. I had to pair it a second time for some reason; I hope that does not happen very often.

I’m on the road tomorrow. There will be a posting that day but it will be written before hand and scheduled to post. Any changes from what I think is going to be happening will be corrected in a post later next week.

2 thoughts on “Missive #286”

  1. Hopefully your move goes smoothly, all your technical stuff goes
    well,& you and Erik
    like your next place

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Mary. We are here all safe and sound. Unfortunately, I have not moved into cooler temperatures. It is the same here now as it is in the camp that I left. Still struggling with shipping but maybe will receive everything within the next 10 days. Then I’ll order more stuff; rinse and repeat. HA

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