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Missive #240

This is a dramatic contemporary thriller focussing on the blind passion of an obsessive dream. Stromchild is the story of a quest, of a man’s search for his missing daughter – and to prove his daughter’s innocence from involvement in her mother’s murder.A good book but not as good as the author’s historical fiction. There is one more in his Sailing Thrillers series and then I’ll be going back to what he does best. And he is no ordinary man – for he is famous as a world-class yachtsman, but the strength of the storms he has to face at sea are nothing compared to the violence of the political campaigners who hold his daughter. — Book promo @ goodreads.com

After we completed our walk on Tuesday, when the wind was not blowing, I got my new registration paper plates affixed on the rear of Desperado. I was taking some chance last week when I went shopping with the old registration plates still on her. I’m legal now and I might have the permanent plates at my UPS Store when I go to Sierra Vista on the 22nd.

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