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Missive #223

“Hugh of Singleton, fourth son of a minor knight, has been educated as a clerk, usually a prelude to taking holy orders. However, he feels no real calling—despite his lively faith—and he turns to the profession of surgeon, training in Paris, and then hanging his sign in Oxford.

This is the first in a series of 16 medieval mysteries novels. I do enjoy reading books that are in a series although this one was not great it was good enough that I’ll continue reading the series. Soon after, a local lord asks Hugh de Singleton to track the killer of a young woman whose bones have been found in the castle cesspool. Through his medical knowledge, Singleton identifies her as the impetuous missing daughter of a local blacksmith.

The young man she loved—whom she had provoked very publicly—is quickly arrested and sentenced at Oxford. But this is just the beginning of the tale.

The story of Singleton’s adventure unfolds with realistic medical procedures, droll medieval wit, romantic distractions, and a consistent underlying sense of Christian compassion.”

I used the Polar Pacer watch for my mid day walk on Saturday as a first walk with it and hoping that I could Pair with Polar Flow and sync the data to it. The walk went great with the watch showing me my heart rate, distance, duration and pace during the walk. Then I could not get the watch to connect with Polar Flow; tried 3-4 times. So, uninstalled Polar Flow from my Samsung tablet and reinstalled it.

Paired it once more and then tried to connect — voilà I had a working Polar Flow. It was then a relatively simple thing to sync that data to RUNALYZE, a manufacturer-independent web based analysis platform for athletes to train smarter. In my case it will be used more to keep my historical data much like Garmin Connect did while I was using a Garmin watch. I’ll have more to say after using the watch and doing this sync dance for a few days.

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