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Missive #217

Krispos had held the throne of Videssos since he was scarcely more than a peasant youth. But now a strange heresy has taken root in the land, a hidden dissent that is flaring into open revolt. As Krispos leads his legions with his three sons, against the rebels, one son disappears into the rebel ranks. Then the renegades seize the day,This completes the Videssos Cycle of books which I read out of order. They were good reads; although reading them in story line order would probably be best publication order is probably the simplest. and Krispos wages an ever more desperate war against an implacable foe that would not scruple to set brother against brother, father against son.… Book promo @ goodreads.com

The Los Angeles area received between 5 and 10 inches of rain last Tuesday and Wednesday. We got some of what was remaining in the storm and although it rain lightly from around 10:00 until sometime during the night on Wednesday we got a total of 0.25″. No flooding here but southern California was hit hard.

I spent a good part of that rainy day shopping for a replacement smartwatch. About a week ago my Garmin 35 suddenly was cycling repeatedly between Bluetooth connected and lost. The only way I found to stop it was to turn Bluetooth off. I then tried for three days to get the Bluetooth connection to work between the watch and the Garmin Connect app on my Samsung tablet; failing many times and finally went shopping. I have been manually copying the .fit data from the watch and uploading it to Garmin Connect on the web and also to Starva.

I have ordered a Polar Pacer which is similar to the Garmin 35 which will connect to Polar Flow and from there I can sync the data to Starva. That is what I hope is going to happen! So far I’m not having much sucess.

2 thoughts on “Missive #217”

  1. The issues with your watch and tablet sound quite
    frustrating. I can actually remember having a rotary dial telephone on a
    “party line” with our neighbors. And books to occupy our minds when it was too dark out to do anything outside.We finally got a small black and white TV when I was eight years old. Now my phone does what once would have taken eight types of electronic devices to do,and I get frustrated if I can’t make it all work right and rapidly.
    Honestly I really do empathize with your struggling to do what you want to. It’s just amazing to me how things have changed …
    All my best wishes to you and Erik, Mary

    1. The most frustrating thing is Polar, the watch manufacturer, will not provide any timely support. I can not sign in to my account or into the Polar Flow app, which is needed, because of some problem with my email address and password. I have sent more than four requests for help since last Tuesday and have not received a reply.

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