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Missive #203

It is Constantinople in 1035, and Thorgils has become a member of the Varangian lifeguard, where he witnesses the glories of the richest city on earth. He embarks on a campaign launched to recover This is the last book in the trilogy but Severin has some more novels that I will read. I think I like his novels better than his later non-fiction. Sicily from the Saracens. After years of traveling, Thorgils retreats to Sweden, but is eventually summoned again to assist in coordinating William the Conqueror’s invasion of England. In September 1066, a Norse fleet of three hundred ships sails towards England and the battle begins. It is a prophetic dream that makes Thorgils warn the troops of the impending disaster at Stamford Bridge, but even he cannot turn aside what fate has decreed—the end of the Viking world.— Book promo @ goodreads.com

The package that I was not so sure was going to arrive anytime was delivered today. After the seller contacted me three times about the shipping address I was expecting it to come late but arrived on the original expected date. I bought a Jute runner from India on eBay and the seller had a limited grasp of English so I had misgivings; but all is well. I also like the runner.

Doing more set up on the Galaxy A7. I think I have now settled on K-9 Mail for the mail app. I tried two others and considered Roundcube which is what I am using on my laptop but could not find it in the Google Play Store. The K-9 matched with Google Contacts looks a lot like what I have been using. The default Samsung Contacts would work but it does not sort like I want. I have had to add all the contacts manually since I can’t get any kind of sync to work and the ‘export’ to ‘import’ is too complex for me to mess with; I can do it manually just as quickly. All the other apps that I have installed appear to be working. Samsung sends their tablets out with a lot of bloatware that I have managed to remove. There are also a lot of system apps on there that I can not delete, not now at least, that I have managed to shuffle out of sight and maybe out of mind.

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