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Missive #198

“Honour and drugs don’t always mix in the Caribbean… Nick Breakspear thinks he’s opted for the easy life, but acting as nursemaid for the idle rich aboard the luxury yacht Wavebreaker in the Bahamas does have its downside.This is the third book in the Sailing Thrillers series which is good but not as good as Cornwell’s historical fiction. There are a couple more in this series and then I’ll get back to some of that better historical fiction. Especially when you come across a bullet-ridden boat not far from the infamous drug baron’s hideaway island of Murder Cay. Most people would turn a blind eye. But Nick Breakspear isn’t most people. Before long, Nick and the crew of Wavebreaker find themselves caught in the middle of a drug war between two equally matched and just as deadly forces. And neither side is taking prisoners…” — Book promo @ goodread.com

I went to Yuma again this morning with breakfast at the Daybreakers Cafe then moving on to the laundromat. It was getting laundry done that required the trip but I had another errand to run while in the ‘city’. Went to a UPS Store only a few blocks from the laundromat and mailed some 110 slides to my fried in Indiana. He recently bought a scanner to digitize his 110s and I asked him if he would do mine. There certainly is no rush in getting that done sine the pictures were taken almost 40 year ago.

While I was there in the ‘city’ I also went to Fry’s and did my weekly grocery shopping. There were some things that I could not get at Del Sol in Wellton, which I could have lived without, that I could pick up today.

I was expecting a delivery from Wal*Mart today but when I checked on the order I found that they had used a default shipping address so it went to Benson. The host here was very good to me and called the ‘Help’ telephone number and got it somewhat straightened out. I had tried to do that using their Chat but they said they could not help my on Chat and gave me a telephone number to call. I’ll see if I can get the shipping address changed later this week when the package gets back to the shipper. It is difficult to do online buying if you do not life in a Sticks-N-Bricks!

The Tacoma News Tribune, April 11, 1953

There’ll Be No Escape in Future From Telephones
PASADENA —AP— The telephone of the future?
Mark R. Sullivan, San Francisco, president and director of in the the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co., said in an address Thursday night:
“Just what form the future telephone will take is, of course, pure speculation. Here is my prophecy:
“In its final development, the telephone will be carried about by the individual, perhaps as we carry a watch today. It probably will require no dial or equivalent, and I think the users will be able to see each other, if they want, as they talk.
“Who knows but what it may actually translate from one language to another?”

Some memes:

What do you get when you put your hand into a blender?
A handshake.

The car salesman said I could seat five people in it without any problems.
Where am I going to find five people without any problems?

Is Google a man or a woman?
A woman, because it won’t let you finish your question without making a suggestion.

Yesterday, my doctor told me that I have six months to live. I told him I couldn’t pay the bill, so he gave me another six months.

Whiskey may not fix your life, but it’s worth a shot.

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