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Missive #20 Published 15 January 2023

Patches is climbing the stairs better these past few days. I have also added a third walk for her. The same .3-.4 miles that she has been doing twice a day for the past few weeks. She is more her 'normal' self in the morning, that is to say she is pulling on the leash rather than me dragging her along behind us. She still doesn't do her morning dance when I get up but she is more active in the morning than before she started taking the pain pills. A happier dog.

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Missive #19 Published 13 January 2023

I have had an eventful week with the left eye cataract surgery on Monday then the first post op appointment on Tuesday. When I got back to the Park from that appointment I found that I had no 12v to the outlet where I recharge all my 12v watches and the E-collar for Erik.

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Missive #18 Published 11 January 2023

I want to post the meds that Patches received last week so I have a record of what they were. When I got home with them I saw that the prescription labels on the bottles had someone else's name on them. That was not a big issue except for the Tranadol (a controlled substance). I could find myself in trouble with the law for possessing someone else’s prescription medication. I stopped at the vet yesterday and got the labels corrected.

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Missive #17 Published 8 January 2023

Patches is much better. She climbs the steps slowly and is somewhat unsteady in doing it but does not hesitate when told to go into Desperado. Last week, and for the prior couple of months, she didn't want to climb the stairs. I knew she must be suffering because she was no longer the Patches that I have known for eleven years. Not much better about peeing in her bed however; she did that again.

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Missive #16 Published 6 January 2023

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: January 6, 1935

Shown below are predictions by James Howard Kunstler for what is going to happen in 2023. Read his entire article here

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Missive #15 Published 4 January 2023

I took Patches to All Creatures Veterinary Service yesterday fully prepared to have her put down. She has not been willing to climb the steps into Desperado for a couple of weeks now. A few days ago when I tried to pick her up she squealed in pain. Plus she has peed in her bed twice during the last 10 days and can no longer do our walks at the usual pace or distance. The vet there has given me some meds that she thinks will correct those issues and keep Patches alive for an unknown time yet. We will see.

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