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Missive #188

“A marvelous tale of suspense, intrigue, and humor, The Man Who Was Thursday is widely regarded as G. K. Chesterton’s greatest work of fiction.

I don’t know that this book is the nightmare that it has been cracked up to be but I do agree that it is wacky. I may give Chesterton’s books another try and see if he writes in the same style. “It’s a wacky, nightmarish, deliriously well-written adventure story for grownups in which nothing is what it seems and everyone wears a mask, whether figurative or literal. The characters and landscapes are so vividly depicted, they crackle on the page. It’s hard to think of a more thrilling book.” —Kate Christensen, TIME Magazine” — Book promo @ Amazon

This posting was made late because I really didn’t have anything to say and forgot to post.

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