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Missive #175

The author says, this project was born on a summer day in 1988 while visiting my parents in Phoenix, Arizona. I was struck by a thought: in less than two years the American West would mark the centennial of the closing of its famous frontier. Photographing the modern frontier as a way of celebrating this landmark event would be an interesting project. This is what I would call a coffee table book that was originally published as an online book in 2012. There is very little text however the 140 photographs do have captions. Some of them are interesting others not so much.

“The West as a place and a process created indelible impacts on our nation and continue to change us to this day, and will never stop doing so. The frontier is very much alive. That’s because the meeting-line between nature and culture, visible on the land and in its people, is constantly evolving and renewing itself. The photographs in this book are a snapshot of one moment in the frontier’s evolution, the intersection of a time and place now gone.”  – from my Introduction (2012)

“What we have in Courtney White’s book is a recording of one passing phase of that frontier. And what a pleasure it is to see the real Wests captured in their flow! What a reassurance it is to see the Wests recorded in their living reality, instead of getting another view of someone being cut off at the pass in the Alabama Hills of the Kanab Desert, shooting wildly with both hands from guns that never need re-loading.” — Wallace Stegner from his Foreword (1992)

I wrote that I would not have to go to Yuma to get groceries but I did not mean that I would not go to Yuma. I had to go there on Sunday to do my laundry. I had gone to the Park office on Thursday to buy a ‘laundry card’, needed to operate the washers and dryers in this Park. I was told where to go to buy the card and gave it a try but failed. Without any meaningful instructions I managed to add the cost of the card on my Credit Card but did not put anything on the laundry card.

I therefore went back to the Park office and told them that the system seemed to be far to complex for me. There was a old time resident there at the time which was asked to take me back and get the laundry card value added. So, we go back and he tries twice to do that and fails both time; asked me if I wanted to try it again and I said no. It was that experience that caused me to go to Yuma where I could find a coin operated laundry to do my wash and dry.

Nikki, you were bankrupt when you left the UN. After you left the UN, you became a military contractor, you actually started joining service on the board of Boeing, whose back you scratched for a very long time. And then gave foreign multinationals speeches like Hillary Clinton is. And now you’re a multimillionaire. — Ramaswamy during latest Republican debates

Haley clarified that her husband went bankrupt but that she did not, and admitted that she served on the board of Boeing for ten months, and that she “loves” and is “proud of” the company. — Haley’s response

How does that work? One person in the marriage can declare bankruptcy and the other person in the marriage is not a part of the filing?

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