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Missive #151

7. Nasruddin’s Donkey Crosses the Stream

Nasruddin was returning home from the market, and his donkey was carrying bags of salt.

On the way, they had to cross a stream. The donkey slipped, and the salt dissolved in the water. When the donkey stood back up, he found his load was lighter, and he trotted happily home.

The next time they came from the market, the donkey was carrying bags of wool. He decided to stumble on purpose but, instead of dissolving, the wool absorbed the water and weighed even more than before.

“You can’t expect to get lucky every time!” Nasruddin said to the donkey.

This Tale is from “Tiny Tales of Nasruddin” by Laura Gibbs. The book is licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. © 2019-2022 Laura Gibbs.

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