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Missive #71

George MacDonald Fraser is, what he always is, brilliant in the extreme. I read one of the reviews in this section that describes the story as boring. In my opinion, this is totally untrue! The book is not a fast paced book and was never meant to be so.This book did not get the number of stars that I thought it deserved. Most of the poor reviews were looking for a continuation of Flashman books. Those were comedic historical fiction and very entertaining. This book was serious historical fiction and a much better book than any of the Flashman tales. Flashman did make a cameo appearance in this one but he played it reasonably stright. It takes its time and meanders along at its own speed, introducing the characters of the story as it evolves and draws you into the time of the period in a natural progression. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute reading the yarn and, for myself, this is one of my favourite stories that GMF has written – and I’ve read them all. I would encourage anyone who appreciates reading the words of a master storyteller to read this. — Customer Review

A great satire posting by James Howard Kunstler. I wish I had thought to write it.

Now that the charm has worn off the transsexual craze — the idea that a person’s emotional distress can be cured by identifying as the opposite sex — we await the next ploy out of the Woke Transhumanist game-plan to destabilize the human project on earth. People-of-color, brown, indigenous, Pacific Islander, gay, lesbian, plus-size, differently-abled, all women (of course), have taken their turn in the batting order of intersectional oppressed minority groups, and each has walked off with a participation trophy. Who’s left now?

The dead! Their needs have not received sufficient attention. Inclusion has not come to them… yet. — The Next Big Thing

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  1. Regardless of what you may think of Kunstler, he does have an interesting interview w/ Bobby Kennedy Jr on his blog.

    1. I like Kunstler; have read most of his books and a long time reader of his blog. The interview is a podcast which I didn’t attempt to watch / listen to because my hearing is so poor.
      Thanks for reading my blog and for the comment.

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