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Missive #59

With the arrival of spring, Emperor Maniakes vows to unleash his troops against the enemy capital, where a hated despot sits arrogantly upon the throne. But from the moment Maniakes reaches the land of the Thousand Cities, he is plaguedThis is the last book in The Time of Troubles tetralogy, a part of the Videssos Cylcle. It is good Turtledove but I like his alternative history novel the best. by a question no one can answer. Where is his nemesis, the ruthless commander whose cavalry no opposing force can withstand?The answer is cataclysmic.…

The presidential election cycle is slowly heating up so the virtue signalling has also heated up. There has been a Fentanyl problem since 2015 when 9,580 deaths were attributed to the drug. This was the year before Trump, there were 56,516 attributed deaths in 2020 when Biden took over. It is only now with over 70,000 deaths/year that both political parties are taking a virtue signaling position to do something about the problem. Nothing they are saying will ‘fix’ the problem but they are establishing campaign positions.

As it usually happens here in Cochise County we have moved from pre-spring directly into summer. The high temperature yesterday was 91 with a forecast of 92 for today. Getting almost too hot to be doing our midday and afternoon walks. Or at least giving me an excuse to not do them.

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