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Missive #41

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: February 24, 1935

I had rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this past week. Never a hard rain more like Cochise County has become part of the Northwest coast. Wednesday was the worse with very strong winds as I was driving to and from Sierra Vista with a steady rain the last ten miles when returning to Benson.

I had stopped in Huachuca City and put the E-collar on Erik when it started to sprinkle. The first time I turned on the wipers Erik attacked them and got a shock for his trouble. That happened the second time also but the rest of the way back to Benson the wipers came on a lot and he knew that they had come on but NO attack. I don’t like to drive in the rain so avoid doing it which means Erik does not remember from one time to the next that he is not to attack the wipers — but he relearns fast.

While in Sierra Vista for Erik’s group training class I got some more work done on Desperado. This time it was an oil change and make the cab A/C blow some cold air. The past 3-4 summers have become more and more uncomfortable with the A/C not working. After the mechanic did his thing he got in the cab to test it. He turned the A/C to maximum cool with the fan on high; I immediately felt the cold air while sitting in my recliner 6-8 feet from the A/C vents.

Nothing much happening here today. It was a shopping day plus drop off an oil sample from Desperado’s oil change at the Post Office. The 10 day weather forecast is mixed. There will be some warmer mornings with some colder ones as well as some rain and some snow possible. Spring has not yet sprung.

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