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Missive #38

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: February 17, 1935

I don’t have much to say today. Just complain about the cold weather some more. Yesterday morning the low was 16°. It had warmed up to 22 by 8:00 but I had frozen water pipes to the bathroom sink; the other lines were still open which was good. The high temperature on Wednesday was 46 with a stiff wind blowing almost all day. If the weather gurus can be believed, which I seldom do, the low temperature next Monday morning will be higher than that. They then have most of the morning lows for the 10 day forecast to be in the 40s. I sure do hope they are right; I will even be happy with above freezing.

Patches continues to lose more weight from what I can feel. She is hesitating to climb the steps again and when she does start up them she has a difficult time. I have been helping her up them for over a week now. Without my help she would have been falling of the steps. Not good.

The Park had no water for a couple of days because of a pump failure. The well driller/repair guys finished up replacing the new pump Wednesday afternoon. I talked to one of the workers and told him that he sure had a cold day to be doing the work. He said “It doesn’t bother me, I’m from Wisconsin.” I had about a half tank of water when the pump went bad so didn’t need to add any water.

My postings are no longer everyday but my everyday activities have not changed. Today was do laundry day and then gather groceries at Safeway. Cold this morning but much warmer than yesterday morning with the low even warmer than it was at 8:00 am yesterday. Maybe a few warmer days during this next week but not all mornings are going to be above freezing. Bad news!

2 thoughts on “Missive #38”

    1. A wet winter but I think there will be a late Spring. You may have to wait more than two weeks for those flowers.

      With the 16 low I’m declaring Mission Accomplished in the War Against Global Warming!

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