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Missive #27

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: January 27, 1935

I am now starting my third day at RV City. The plan was that I would arrive on the 25 at 9:00 am and they would coat Desperado’s roof that day and I would leave by 5:00 pm. So much for plans. I don’t know if I’ll get out of here today or not but I do have to leave to get groceries; roof coated of not.

The morning low temperatures for those three days were 20, 24 & 23°. So not a lot different than if I were in Benson. If the forecast is close to being right I might see the lows move up into the upper 20s during this coming week starting tomorrow. Rain in the forecast on 1 February.

This story was run by a few online MainStream News sites back in May 2022. What they did not say in their report was that the Javelin and many other missiles are made by Raytheon. Raytheon, which made the first missile guidance system, started out as a refrigerator maker so I guess the Russians were simple stealing the technology.

Russia is using chips from washing machines and refrigerators in its tanks due to lack of supplies

The embargo that both the United States and a good part of the European countries have imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s troops has left the Russian economy very affected. The sanctions are being felt at all levels, but especially in everything related to technology, which is causing a real shortage.

What is being noticed? Well, among other things, in the military industry. Russia has added sophisticated weapons to its armed forces in recent years, but many of them rely on imported state-of-the-art technology that is not available now. Thus, the Russians are being forced to use computer chips destined for home appliances to repair their military hardware, Business Insider reports, citing a US official.

“We have reports from Ukrainians that when they find abandoned or destroyed Russian military equipment, it’s full of semiconductors that they took out of dishwashers and refrigerators,” Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

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