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Missive #9

There is very little happening here. Not much happening in the News either; other than the Twitter Scandal which the Mainstream Media is keeping out of the News as much as possible.

We have had below freezing temperatures these past couple of mornings and the forecast is for at least another week of the same. Maybe the lows will be above freezing the last few days of the month if the forecast is right.

Describing a journey among the Spice Islands of Indonesia aboard a traditional native sailing vessel, this is also an account of a quest to rediscover a remarkable Englishman, who changed the way we see the natural world. This was a good read but is not the adventure book that Severin’s earlier books were. It is as much a book about Wallace as it was about Severin’s voyage. Alfred Russel Wallace was a joint-author of the theory of evolution by natural selection, yet today his name is overshadowed by Darwin’s. A brilliant and intrepid naturalist, Wallace was the author of “The Malay Archipelago”, one of the greatest of all travel books. It was used as a guide in 1996 when Tim Severin retraced his path through the Spice Islands, encountering red birds of paradise, sea turtles and other unusual flora and fauna, and observing rainforest destruction, the smuggling of rare species, and ancient systems of tribal rule. — Book synopsis @ abebooks.com

Of course, the professional and managerial class also happens to be the most stalwart group of vaccine champions in the land and thus the most psychologically invested in thinking they did the right thing taking all those shots — while forcing as many others to submit, whether they consented or not. The psychology of previous investment is a prime generator of self-delusion. It looks like that class of people will be proven incorrect the hard way. It turns out, after all, that the mRNA “vaccines” were very effective — but only at being deadly. The excess mortality has already kicked in. It’s 18 percent above normal, for instance, in Australia right now, because they’re keeping track. Our officials don’t want to keep track. They don’t want to know, and they certainly don’t want you to know. This is what you get when you make war against truth and reality. A Christmas Parable, James Howard Kunstler

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