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Missive #1

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: December 2, 1934

This is my second posting using the FREE Astra WordPress theme that I installed in a sub-domain on my host server. On 30 November I was able to get it moved from the sub-domain to my regular domain but at a price. All the pages in the old site were linked to a Home page in the old site and I want the Home button to take you to WordPress. Therefore I have maybe 400 pages that have a link that needs to be edited.

I have nothing going on here other than learning how to use WordPress plus go to all my appointments. I do want to say that I was half right when I wrote that there would be a railroad strike and the Congress would intervene. Congress didn’t wait; they intervened before the strike.

The primary reason for my posting this today was to keep the Will Rogers weekly article dates matching the 88 years ago that all them have up until now. The secondary reason was to give me some practice putting the posting together.

I welcome your Comments. This bog platform has a Comment section that far surpasses the ShoutBox that I had on my homegrown website.

2 thoughts on “Missive #1”

  1. I always like WordPress when I used it. I have had both free and paid over the years. It is strange on a different WordPress blog that I read, whenever I make a comment there it doesn’t work because they ask for my account info, when I don’t have a WordPress account. Maybe that is a settings issue by the blog owner. On your blog everything works fine.

    1. Yes, I have also run across blogs that required me to have a WordPress account. I’m sure it is a setting that the blog owner has selected.
      Mine right now requires the first Comment by someone be approved, after that they get to Comment without my intervention.

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