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November 2022

My First Wordpress Posting Published 30 November 2022

I attempted to move Wordpress from the subdomain to my main site and made a hash of it. Went online and had a Chat with the rep at Web Hosting Hub and she fixed the mess that I had created. At least it appears to me that she has fixed it.

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29 November 2022

This is my last Postings as the THE PEREGRINATING GRABERD.

This post will complete thirteen years of continuous posts that started on 30 November 2009. They were all a part of my website that started in 2000 on GeoCities and has gone through many different iterations over these past 23 years. The website has been all homegrown, that is to say I wrote all the coding for the site. Tomorrow I'll be posting on a Wordpress theme from Astra.

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