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29 November 2022

Red Barn RV Park
Benson, AZ

The VA appointments were all screwed up this morning. The 9:00 appointment with the cataract surgeon was canceled on 22 November but I never received notice. The 9:40 appointment with the retina surgeon could not be met because she was not available until 11:00 — maybe.

A nurse did see me and did eye pressure tests which was the most important thing that the 9:00 appointment was for. The right eye is now back to an acceptable pressure level. So, I now have two appointments on 5 December; one with the cataract surgeon and one with the retina surgeon. The retina one may be canceled depending on what the cataract surgeon sees and/or thinks.

A much better low temperature this morning (38.3°); not in the 40s as forecast but so much better than freezing. The forecast for the next two days is for colder mornings but then in the 40s or maybe even a 50 for the lows during the weekend. How I do hope the weather guessers are right.

This is my last Postings as the THE PEREGRINATING GRABERD.

This post will complete thirteen years of continuous posts that started on 30 November 2009. They were all a part of my website that started in 2000 on GeoCities and has gone through many different iterations over these past 23 years. The website has been all homegrown, that is to say I wrote all the coding for the site. Tomorrow I’ll be posting on a WordPress theme from Astra.

The WordPress files are all now in a subdirectory but I’ll post here on this domain with a link to the WordPress posting. That will continue for a few days until I have time to learn how to transfer all the files from the subdirectory. Hopefully, you will not have to do anything to continue reading what I have posted except the inconvenience of a link for a few days.